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Notice the charts and graphs of Arctic sea ice. Lots of data. Wow, how convincing except:

1) The arctic sea ice extent was LOWER in the 1930s and 40s and temperatures in the arctic were WARMER than today for longer period of time than TODAY.

This is well known. Do you notice that it was NOT mentioned in the article above. Filter bubble. Only present some information and omit mentioning anything that contradicts because then people might not believe what you say.

You see for the filter bubble it’s about consensus and getting people jazzed up about false information. Don’t show graphs like the following:

2) Don’t mention that in the 1930s and 40s ships passed through something called the northern passage which they haven’t done recently because of ice.

3) Don’t mention that sea ice MEANS NOTHING because 2000 years ago a philosopher Archimedes demonstrated that ice in water will not raise water level if it melts.

Therefore this story is clearly a filter bubble deceit. The way it presents information, the way it discarded other data that are crucial to understand and the fact is couched everything in scary terms that elicit about an issue which can be shown more than 2000 years ago to be completely irrelevant.

Absolute proof of the filter bubble and the people who spout lies constantly to deceive you. Believe it or not. Choose to be a pawn of elites wanting to use you for their purposes or be courageous and read alternative facts that might scare you by challenging your beliefs poured into you to manipulate you.

No article could possible demonstrate the pure evil of the filter bubble as this article. It shows every tactic and method to keep you scared and their pawn.

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