Really, you never heard about Dylann Roof.
Eve Moran

Okay, so you disagree with some of these things but you are obfuscating. The points are valid. That is how people are trying to interpret Trump. He has got the general problem correct. We can argue all day about specific numbers but it isn’t the real issue.

They say he was wrong about the inauguration numbers. He lied. What difference does it make. As someone else said he can tweet whatever he wants as long as he stops terrorism or gets ISIS or gets the economy moving and jobs for people, increases wages and improves Americans lives.

The presidency is not about defending numbers or arguing if 5 or 10 died from hate crimes. It is fighting the crime rate that has caused thousands more blacks to die and families destroyed.

The presidency is not about being right all the time or eating one scoop of ice cream or two. It is not about whether you wear high heels or sneakers when going to disaster areas. It is not about if your handshake is longer than others or harder. It is not about your popularity.

You have the whole idea what politics and the presidency is about wrong. Obama was popular but at the end of his administration the problems I pointed out resulted in 76% of Americans saying that America was going in the wrong direction. That is why democrats lost. Not Russia. People knew the country was going to hell. No amount of filter bubble hate or denying and propaganda would explain to an unemployed or underemployed middle class worker that he was secure when he/she wasn’t. They don’t believe the filter bubble and all your “fact checking” bullshit, filtering fake news if they know they don’t have a job or security they know it.

I doubt many people care if our foreign policy was causing the end of the world and millions were dying or in refugee camps or we were letting ISIS grow to 29 countries and we were losing everywhere. I freely admit that foreign policy is a nonstarter. Obama could fuck up the world, try to get Netanyahu defeated, fail at stopping BREXIT after promoting it with his policies, fail at stopping Putin or fail at any of the countries he overthrew. Nobody cares really. Nobody is going to vote or not vote for Obama’s international fuck ups.

What really matters is people’s personal financial security. Not racism. Why not racism? First off, everybody knows that everyone is racist to some extent. It is unavoidable. It is the way the brain works. Criticizing racism probably triggers in a lot of people’s minds that they are racist including many democrats who realize they are racist to some extent too. (This includes black people too) But the even more important point is that our constitution and courts protect against racism just as they protect against anti-abortion.

36 years of republicans trying to stop abortion has resulted in zilch. There is no change. After 36 years of trying to stop it. No change. Why? Because it has been interpreted by the court to be part of privacy and changing that interpretation even with a conservative court is nigh impossible. Even if there are more conservatives on the court they can’t get around this.

The same is true of racism. If Trump (or Obama) tried to do something racist do you think liberals wouldn’t take him to court in an instant? Do you think some court wouldn’t overturn whatever he tried to do the next day? There is no possibility of Trump doing something racist just as Obama could not do anything to overtly help blacks alone. Our constitution gives the courts ultimate power in this country not the President. This was demonstrated earlier this year.

The interesting thing is Democrats did try to stop Trump on one thing they said was “racist” or at least xenophobic. They got several lower courts to rule on his travel ban. Yet, 2 months ago the Supreme Court ruled in a rare almost never 9–0 ruling (including Ginsberg) that the travel ban was not violation of rights. This was evidence that possibly even the liberals on the court actually have a conscience and are paying attention to the constitution and not acting on purely political basis. This was most assuring that at least our Supreme Court is functioning as it should and has. Thank god.

So, even if you say there are racists and even if Trump is a racist HE can’t do anything racist. This is why it doesn’t matter. It’s covered already. There are ample protections to prevent the re-emergence of lynchings and making black people go through the back door or anything you fear. Everything you and your ilk are scaring in people is a lie. There is ZERO chance even if there are a lot of white supremacists they can ever do anything of any harm to blacks besides random incidents.

Lastly, I will say that a key point you have ignored. One key issue in documenting the scariness or threat of hate is how organized it is, how much money do they have, what power do they have? You documented a few cases of random violence. The kind that occurs all the time in every country in the world and has always occurred. Do you think such hate crimes are limited to white people? That’s stupid. My point is that if these people are a ragtag bunch of hillbillies they are no threat to blacks. What is a problem is when you see billionaires like soros funding antifa and BLM, funding media, providing training and logistics support, organizing. That’s the real danger. You ignore it. We have an internal set of terrorist organizations bent on the destruction of the US and you ignore them and talk about some random incidents of some hillbillies or wackos everybody hates. You provided no evidence linking these people in any way to Donald trump or the Republican Party. For all we know all these people who committed these crimes are democrats just like last year the faked incidents or the cop killings.

Doesn’t this bother you at all?

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