Sea Level is not accelerating

For hundreds of years the sea has been rising. Tide gauges around the world in some ways are more accurate and better indicator of this phenomenon than thermostats we have over this period. It’s pretty easy to see when a certain area was under water or above.

Here is an interesting interchange with Al Gore recently:

The assumption has been that after 70 years of massive increase in CO2 in the atmosphere and what climate hoax scientists have said is a 2F rise in temperatures that there would be a rise in the rate of sea level rise, an acceleration.

It is necessary to have an acceleration because at the 2mm or so that sea levels have been rising a year we got about 7" last century and a similar 7" in this century would obviously not create a panic needed to justify the $20 trillion they want to spend to try to stop it. After all the 40,000 “energy impoverished” people in Europe who died because they couldn’t afford to heat their homes sacrificed to green energy so that they could have wind and solar and reduce co2 output couldn’t have died in vain, right?

After all this temperature rise in their adjusted data and the massive melting they always tell us is so extraordinary there must be some acceleration of sea levels? This can’t be all in vain?

The other negative effects of CO2 are in big dispute. Food seems to be growing and study after study shows that co2 actually feeds plants and so animals and plants are doing much better than anticipated. We found a vaccine for malaria that works so the bug infestation theory won’t produce the damage needed to justify the hundreds of thousands who will die in energy poverty. There must be more death from actual global warming than the policies to combat it, correct? The rising sea is the major way this horror can be imagined.

At inches per century very slow moving human beings might be suffocated under the water deluge or people clinging to their homes on their beaches might be accidentally inundated by a big surf some day. There must be a reason to fear these rising seas besides the cost to wealthy beach owning millionaires having to move or lift their properties a foot or two? It’s not just the cost of some retaining walls that we are spending $20 trillion dollars and accusing each other of the crime of the century over, right?

Well, climate hoax scientists have been studying and studying the data desperately looking for that acceleration signal. So far it hasn’t been there.

It still isn’t there. This graph shows that the rise is stable for 150 years at least. A recent paper tried to argue that there is acceleration in the last 10 years. After 60 years it decides to accelerate? Guess again. This is merely wishful thinking.

They decided that storms weren’t cutting it. Recent studies again proved that storms are LESS violent than the past. Floods and droughts worse in the past. Hurricane’s intensity down 20%. A record 11 years between landfalls of hurricanes. Climate hoaxers are hoping this year breaks the hurricane drought.

You’ve got to wonder after so much heat how come sea levels aren’t accelerating? We are told it is 0.5C warmer than the 1940s when most of the heat records were set. One reason might be that as rainfall increases the extreme cold at the poles actually (the South Pole mainly) there is no chance for the rain to melt since it is -100F some days it never gets close to melting so all the extra rain just accumulates as more snow and ice dragging water out of the ocean and just building up more there. Mass analysis of the South Pole does show an increase in depth of snow and ice canceling out almost all the other melting.

Some people are not aware that sea ice at the North Pole melting doesn’t raise sea level. Archimedes showed this 2000 years ago so that isn’t helping. Also, increased rain on land is filling acquirers. These acquirers are actually raising land levels 0.27mm / year offsetting some increase. It is left to lonely Greenland and some inland glaciers to produce all the sea level rise.

When inland glaciers melt they produce silt from the mountains which increases land surface area as it washes down to the beaches. Also, the declining mass of those glaciers makes the continents less weighty and they tend to rise on the mantle slightly.

The lack of sea level acceleration is a big problem. Even though they have said in all the IPCC alarmist reports that sea level isn’t accelerating they make sure to publish stories every year how that could change any second. They don’t know why it would and they didn’t really think of all these reasons why it isn’t accelerating before because they were only looking for reasons sea level and temperature would be higher and accelerate not the reasons why it wouldn’t or isn’t.

It is pathetic when you can see researchers desperately trying to find something so badly. Something to justify the $20 trillion and the billions in grants and the reputations they put on the line that this was horror, just horror on the horizon any minute horror.

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