So ridiculous (Trump derangement syndrome)

These have all been said about Trump in the last 24 hours:

  • He went too soon to the storm
  • He waited too long to go to the storm
  • He had no empathy
  • His empathy was fake it was so over the top
  • He is wearing a hat that you can buy on the web on Amazon. He’s commercializing the storm.
  • Melania was wearing the wrong shoes
  • Melania proves she’s a diva
  • He had too many animal charities on his list
  • The storm is because of Texas voting for Trunp
  • Those who voted for Trump deserve having their lives destroyed
  • Trump is just like Hitler. He has a plan to exterminate people (BLM cofounder)
  • Trump is literally epitome of pure evil representing capitalism, racism, homophobia, …
  • Trump is trying to kill black community
  • Peace and love is Nazi
  • Antifa to the press: get out of here
  • Antifa: we are against America
  • Trump saved someone in the storm : he didn’t wrap him in a blanket left him cold

These all were said in just the last 24 hours !! except the last one. :)

Several remarkable things about this list:

  1. Now, they cant even keep their criticisms in sync
  2. Several people actually admitted their goals : the destruction of America and everything it represents.
  3. Antifa clearly a professional organization. The antifa attacking the press person was clearly a manager who was managing the demonstration.
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