Worse than that, FBI stats show that 50% of all homicides and more than 50% of all violent crime is…
David Cearley

Thank you for this. These numbers I have seen and are correct unfortunately.

For many years I have come to the conclusion democrats don’t actually care about blacks because if you cared for them you wouldn’t let this happen.

It’s very apparent democrats want blacks under welfare and to be beholding to government so they become good democrats and vote for more aid so they can survive under government programs. They want them to be dependent. This makes them reliable democrat voters and to need these programs. At least that’s what they are told. Dependency breeds dependency.

This is true for the whole country. That’s why I say they actually want the middle class destroyed. They won’t go back to try and seduce them because they don’t want a prosperous America that is strong and independent. They want indigent americans so they will vote for government programs and aid. It’s undeniable that a city with more poor people stays poor and the government programs make no difference. Only business can bring a place out of poverty or people. The government can never give enough aid to make a life worth living. The more poor the town the more locked in the democrats leadership is. People believing their future is tied to more government programs forever tied to democrat's corruption.

These people lose all aspirations to be independent successful. They turn to crime. This is because democrats never feed those messages of the goal of their lives to become independent. They feed a message of despair, hate for republicans, it’s all because of racism and the man will never let them up so they are forever government dependents. This is the democratic dream. Electoral lock in.

A big problem I have with democrats is their hypocrisy because if they actually followed through and systematically helped people succeed I would be much more sympathetic but what I see is mainly doublespeak and fighting for themselves to win at all costs with no regard for the people they actually claim to represent.

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