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That’s funny. You just negated your entire article in one statement at the end. You have to understand that science is about facts, it’s not about standing for a position. Science is about facts and doesn’t care about consensus.

In the 1980s most biologists and doctors believed that ulcers were caused by abuse of the stomach lining by drinking and other things. 2 doctors had isolated a bacteria they believed caused it. They were denied being able to write about their data, they were denied speaking at conferences. They were nearly forced out of being doctors or researchers. They were laughed at. They were right. There are hundreds of instances that a single new piece of data reverses years of consensus belief in all kinds of science. Consensus and political belief means nothing and is counter to the scientific method and science. If you hear someone arguing consensus or they need to stand their ideals for science are not scientists.

Pielke discussed his own mistreatment as a “denier” and showed that there is “little scientific basis” for claims that extreme weather events (tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, droughts) have increased in recent decades due to GHG emissions. In fact, IPCC and other studies reveal that the USA and world have had “remarkable good fortune” with extreme weather in recent years, compared to the past: 23 major hurricanes hit the US East Coast 1915–1964; but only 9 in 1965–2016 — and not one since October 2005. He also offered 18 specific recommendations for improving scientific integrity in climate science.

What has happened to Dr Curry and Dr Pielke and Dr Christy and many other scientists is destroying American science.

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