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Ralph Peters on Tucker Carlson exposes the insane hatred of Russia

The democrats have not come up with any strategy that even could remotely work.

Ralph Peters on Fox Tucker Carlson tonight described Putin as “the closest thing to pure evil.” Ralph Peters is a retired US Colonel. Okay, I get it. He probably lived most of his life fighting the Russians and can’t drop it.

Ralph Peters needs a reset. If islamics got 3000 nukes like Putin has we would all be be pushed back to -6000BC. Russia has never killed Americans. They are not “pure evil” compared to our real enemies. Ralph Peters needs electric shock therapy. He's the pure evil.

I have no doubt Putin is ruthless, has done some bad things. My problem is I have no idea what to do in Russia if I was a leader. I would advocate for Democracy but I have no idea if Putin really cheated on the last election or not. I have heard a lot of Russians expressing support for him and I’ve not heard many Russians that negative on him that I talk to but on the other hand I haven’t really talked to many Russians about this issue.

Ralph Peters also claimed that “Russians hate Americans and Putin hates America.”

Now that I am pretty sure is incredibly false. If he means some Russians hate america well, some americans apparently still hate Russians ( Ralph Peters, John McCain) but I have met a few Russians and NONE of them hates America.

I have no idea if Putin hates America. The problem I have with such a statement is that it makes no sense. Why would Putin “hate” america? I think a lot of democrats hate America possibly more than Putin.

I would like to remind people that Russia has never killed Americans unlike many other countries. Today we learned that Putin may have killed Baghdadi.

Ralph Peter told us that there were bombs in Iraq and things would be awesome after we took out Saddam Hussein.

Ralph Peter told us that Putin is worse that Hitler.

Ralph Peter is in favor of the Balkanization of Syria.

Ralph Peters claimed that Russia or Assad is responsible for killing all these 500,000 people in Syria. He conveniently forgets that the US was responsible for starting this and supporting the factions against Assad forcing a war. In that sense WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ASSAD HAVING TO KILL 500,000 people. Just as we are responsible for all the failed movements that have resulted in 65,000,000 refugees.

This person Ralph Peters is the reason why democrats or old-time Russian haters need to be expunged from our political situation. They have NOTHING RATIONAL to contribute. This guy was the ultimate example of how US foreign policy has gone wrong and he is a REPUBLICAN.

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