The face of propaganda

Glenn Carle of the US clandestine service on MSNBC made the following statements.

I turned on MSNBC for a second this morning. Not surprisingly they are talking about Russia even though every line of attack for the last year has resulted in no evidence, no smoking gun, no crime and no collusion in fact nothing but embarrassing lies proving that the media is nothing but propaganda for the Democratic Party they continue to spew their filter bubble propaganda. It is the emptiness of the Democratic Party they have nothing else they can think of.

Q:Should Americans be concerned about the meeting with DTJr?

A: This is just one instance of an infinite number of actions that have meddled with our election. That’s the fact. Any discussion about anything but the fact of the meeting is chafe and distraction. There was a meeting. That’s the central fact. I played hockey when I was a kid. When someone was trying to distract they moved this way or that but you look at the chest. That’s the focus. They had a meeting. That’s all that you should be concerned about. They met. The fact that Donald Trump Sr wasn’t in the meeting is like saying that Hitler wasn’t at all the killings or that Stalin didn’t take people to the gulag. The fact that Hitler, I mean Donald wasn’t there doesn’t mean he didn’t know every evil thing Donald Trump Jr was doing. It’s just a silly thing to say.

Q: When you look at the emails with Goldstone and DT Jr, what stands out to you?

A:Laughing. DT Jr did the work of investigators by admitting he was thrilled to have dirt on Hillary. That’s the fact. DT Jr therefore has proven that they got information from the Russians and used it to defeat Hillary. Case closed. It wasn’t middle class voters. It was this meeting with DT Jr that proves the fact Hillary lost was because of Russians. Case closed. DT Jr and Goldstone did the prosecutors job.

Q: Is there any chance that the Russian lawyer acted on her own?

A: Laughing again. The chance of that is very slim. We all know that Putin doesn’t need to teleguide people to turn left and now right a wink and nod for his operatives to know how to destroy Hillary and help Donald. It is okay for her to lobby about the adoption but we all know the real clear objective was to give DT Jr the key information to defeat Hillary. It’s not simply I am a spy. Things merge into each other.

Q: In all of this investigation we have yet to see a smoking gun. On what evidence have you been basing your accusations that Hillary lost because of Russian interference:

A: Russian intelligence services are competent. Things happen. You don’t necessarily see a smoking gun. You just have to see the answer because you know they are competent and look Hillary lost. So, of course they did it. There will all be plausible other explanations. You have to see beyond those and look at the chest. Meetings occurred. Hillary lost. DT Jr admits that they have had dealings with Russians over the years. What more do you need to know? It’s alarming. So many instances.

Also, every single statement by Donald Trump conforms to the Russian ministry standing orders. Bombing Syria, the cease fire. Donald Trump is doing everything Putin asks him. Clearly.

Q: This is interesting and we can’t wait to hear more of your evidence and theories, Glenn Carle. 23 years with US propaganda ministry. Can’t wait to hear more of your truth.

MSNBC : Propaganda, I mean uh Journalism, done right.

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