“I LOVE IT!” By Donald Trump Jr.
Allan Ishac

Democrats were the slave owners and the KKK for 100 years. Now they have become the party of illegal Americans, the new slaves. They love it. Nothing upset democrats more than when they lost their slaves. Having them back is the best thing.

The hate of the left continues unabated. They can’t help it. They are so filled with hate. Everything they write is venomous hate speech couched in snide superior humor. So superior. Problem is you can’t beat him. Time after time you make this stuff up and it doesn’t work. You’re all so full of shit it is amazing.

Keep up the hate speech Allan. We love it. You never know when hate will backfire and the child porn in your email and the IRS investigations against you will pop in the mail do you?

When some random person will pop up in front of you and punch your face because it’s so funny, Allan, right? Attacking republicans is such fun even if you lose and lose and lose. It’s all you have.

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