Yes, Stefanie, I think that is pretty in line with the findings of these studies.
Michael Baharaeen

The irony of your comment is how true it was of the democrats. They are the party of elites. They foster identity politics which you espoused perfectly.

Keep blaming the white man for everyone’s problems. Gain Latino, Muslim, black voters by bashing the white male. Forget about Asians who make more than white males. Keep pushing injustice by “white privilege” and “male privelege” and try to get 99% from these identity groups voting for you based on hating white males.

In the meantime the elites crush everyone while all the minorities riot and battle with other groups so they can get more from the now crushed white middle class males.

Perfect. Keep the attention off the elites who poured billions into the Democratic Party and get retribution from the middle class white male. That’s your problem. Those unemployed steel workers and coal miners. Were it not for them blacks would be so much better off.

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