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The Italian Earthquake which killed 241 so far is clearly linked to Trump’s hatred alt-right agenda. Everything hate related can be pinned on Trump and not on the people currently in power who have created the economic and political situation that we are in. Trump is clearly responsible for David Duke and the Kkk. He’s responsible for the lack of growth that has voters upset about immigration and jobs. Trump is responsible for the racial violence this last year that has resulted in race relations going back to the 70s. Trump has caused the murder of dozen police officers and the thousands of POC killed in the last year in record rising homicides all over the country. Trump is responsible for the animosity to Muslims not Muslims. Muslims should not be held responsible for the hate crimes they Muslims commit. But Trump should be held responsible for everything bad that happens as a result of the policies of the last 8 years. He did it. He made it happen not the powers actually in charge of the policies of the last 8 years.

Let’s just let the people who put us in the situation we are in keep doing what they are doing because it’s really all just Trump and if we learn to focus our hatred on Trump instead of the people commiting terrorism or the millions who want to immigrate and want jobs that don’t even exist we will all be able to take our diminished subservience to the ruling class much better. We can then let Hillary make billions instead of millions in graft and feel happy about it because we were saved from the evil Trump.

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