Real hacking story vs Filter Bubble

New report details the docs appear to be copied by USB not internet

A huge percentage of the news is tied up in completely pointless “news.” Yesterday we were assaulted with news of a 20 minute nothing meeting with DTJr that no information was exchanged and there was no result. The main thing is an allegation that an email exchange suggested that some people knew the Russians favored Donald Trump.

First this is not what the democrats have been alleging since the beginning. They have essentially given up on finding a story about trump collusion. Now they are looking for anything that looks like it could be some kind of help the Russians gave trump. Anything. Then they can say: see. Russia tried to interfere even if they didn’t actually do anything to help.

You see this woman didn’t provide anything useful. The wikileaks hasn’t been shown to have affected the results. They just want to be able to say the Russians didn’t like Hillary.

This is an incredible waste of time for the democrats to fish up stories to satisfy their pathetic insecurities that they lost. It’s obvious they don’t have any objective except to keep finding anything they can to scream unfair even though nothing is remotely illegal or even helpful. Everything is accusations and allegations that somebody did something that in the end wasn’t even close to illegal and not even immoral. Somebody has to call them on this phenomenal waste of time and energy that is not only distracting them but also pissing off Russians and potentially bringing us to war for no fucking reason.

However, the actual illegal activities that are documented and real are being committed by the Democrats. It seems like all the DT stuff is just cover for their crimes hoping that if they keep repeating these other pointless allegations that have no legal consequence or ethical consequence that we will not pay attention to the uncoverings, the FISA violations, that we won’t go after the IRS scandal anymore or any of the problems in the election or the leaks. That we won’t follow up on all the Hillary scandals yet to be investigated.

There is another huge one that I hadn’t heard much of before. It turns out DNC staff went to Ukraine to coordinate and get information on Trump. This is not a 20 minute meeting to talk mainly about adoption policies. Somebody from the dnc actually travelled to Ukraine to work with people who were conspiring with the dnc to hurt trump. In other words everything the democrats say is proof of the opposite. They are the ones who actually sought and got foreign help.

New report on the forensics contradicts NSA

They thought they had this “Russia Hacking” thing nailed with their deal with CrowdStrike and keeping their servers away from the FBI and NSA but yesterday a new report came out on the content related to the DNC and the source.

What is inexplicable is that Guccifer had much of the same information that Wikileaks got sooner. The Guccifer information seems to strongly indicate his source was NOT over the internet but was a local connection probably a computer located in the East Coast of the US. To be frank Guccifer’s downloads include the DNC downloads and fallacious content which is in many cases blatantly false.

The forensics of this copy of the data appears to dated consistent with copying occurring at 230megabits/second data transfer rate. This is verified by the time stamps on the files. The files tell a story that they were originally copied onto a linux bootable USB stick using the UNIX command ‘cp -r' and then were turned into an archive file on a windows machine at some point after. It appears that the files released were only 10% of the files obtained again by looking at timestamps.

This could be faked just as the forensics from CrowdStrike could be. The only thing that could really adjudicate this is a combination of the servers (unaltered) or hopefully some hacking of the hackers.

As I’ve pointed out it is entirely possible that the DNC was hacked twice. Once via a USB stick by a local operative and second by external party. This new analysis I have seen before that the data appears to be pretty clearly obtained not by external hacking but through a local USB stick plugged into the machine and a copy operation performed.

The question is where did Wikileaks get its information? So far, Assange has not backed off his assertion that the information did not come from a Russian or Russian agent and the FBI and NSA have not told us definitive information who gave Assange his information. Guccifer is alleged to be a Russian but is actually Hungarian or something and claims he has no connection to Russia.

Is the lack of information a true lack? Is the FBI and NSA hiding something? Why does the DNC continue to refuse to turn over their servers. Who actually gave the information to Assange and where does he/she claim they got it. The fact Assange hasn’t definitively said it was Seth Rich implies it wasn’t. Since Seth is dead I can’t think of any reason he would withhold the information now that Seth was his source.

Since this whole story has started the investigation has been incredibly slow and confusing. It has been more than a year since the servers were hacked or copied. It took the DNC 10 months to get the forensics to the NSA. We have this very vague assertion that they know everything. That they know the Russians wanted to help Trump. That they were involved in hacking attempts. However, the pieces of the puzzle are not forthcoming. They can’t explain much of this or they are hiding it for national security reasons which is plausible but it is hard to believe they can’t tell us more. Why hasn’t the NSA report been leaked? Everything else has.

We’ve known for 8 months or so that uncoverings have been going on under the Obama Admin. We know numbers. We know how many individuals and we know that the administration uncovered communications that talked about Trump meetings with domestic and foreign officials. Trump foreign policy and Trump plans for the transition. It is unclear what any of this has to do with Russian hacking yet no progress seems to be being made on getting information. The FBI has stonewalled the committees on a lot of information.

I am hopeful that once Trump gets his people into the FBI we can unlock some detail on some of this.

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