The president decides what is secret and what is not.

The democrats are morons who know nothing about our constitution. They have so poorly educated themselves they don’t know the first thing about our own system. It’s astonishing.

  • The president decides if we should know if there are aliens on the earth or not if there are.
  • The president decides if we should know if Russians have nukes pointed at us or not.
  • The president decides whether to tell us if there are terrorist threats we should know about or who should know about such threats. END OF STORY.

The president is the ultimate authority on these things because this is what our constitution says and who else could it be? The Democrats? The courts? The congress? They literally make this stuff up!!!

The constitution is very clear the president controls the military. The congress controls the budget but the president has absolute authority over the military and everything that goes with it including deciding if something should be declassified.

The president CANNOT be charged with releasing state secrets. That is his decision. He cannot be impeached for performing his constitutional duty regardless of how egregious it seems to democrats. They can block him in a million ways. The US constitution makes it almost impossible for us to pass laws anyway even in the best circumstances. It is possible to pass laws which would limit or stop the president if they are concerned he is doing something really bad.

The fact is he didn’t. Russia is not an enemy of the US no matter what democrats feel. They are against Islamic extremism as are we. Telling them about a bomb threat is a GOOD THING. The Russians are also not an enemy of Israel. One can presume that Russia already has good feelers into Israel because half the people there are from Russia originally.

This whole thing is a total fabrication meant to scare people who are too ignorant to know the basics about the world.

The Russia Investigation

Today one of the fake news (the wash post) wrote there are charges to impeach the president. There are no charges. What kind of bizarro world are democrats putting themselves in? They said he could be impeached for obstructing justice. Except there is no possible interpretation of how that is remotely possible.

The president is not under investigation, the Russia investigation is being run by the FBI and firing the director does not in any way stop any investigations the FBI is doing including drug investigations or any investigations. Why would it? In any case, as many people have pointed out this is by far the absolute silliest investigation ever undertaken. There are no leads, no charges, no suspects. There is no evidence. It is all in their heads.

We have a problem folks. Liberals are en Masse having some form of brain damage and mass delusions. They have convinced themselves of fantasy after fantasy. We have to realize there is something seriously wrong with our country that nearly half the people have become delusional.

Maybe democrats are realizing the game is up. With trump getting the supreme court and being able to fill nearly half of all federal bench seats he will be able to lock in for generations a new judiciary.

This new judiciary will understand our constition as it was written by our founders. The liberal fantasies of amendments that permit infinite immigration, a new amendment to give rights to globalists to control our future. Their attempts to rewrite the first second and fourth amendments is going down in flames for decades.

Another interesting revelation

I realized an interesting thing that had baffled me for the last year. I have struggled with how democrats are so convinced that nationalism or believing that we have a right to decide as citizens what or how to run our own country in our own interest is bad. Democrats have decided that being concerned about your own welfare is evil. It’s hard to comprehend but it is the liberal philosophy best personified.

They don’t seem to understand that not caring about yourself is tantamount to suicide. Letting our laws be subverted is tantamount to suicide as a nation.

They don’t believe that people should be able to run their own lives so why should a country be able to control its immigration. Why should a country be able to decide its trade policies?

That is how they conclude that the US acting in its own interest is evil. I.e. Nationalism is wrong. We cannot be in control. It has to be the UN or something else. To assert control over our own country is to deny the fact that each country and each person has to supplicate to the interests of the rest of the world. If they want to come here we have to let them in.

This is how democrats believe we have to allow other countries to dictate to us even if those other countries decide to take advantage of us in every way they want.

Of course, such a philosophy might be consistent but liberals are about feelings not logic. They don’t have to be consistent or logical. Thus elite liberals can support such beliefs and simultaneously believe that they can have self-interest. They can fly on private jets and own 4 mansions and lecture us about the evils of consuming profligately. Liberals can talk about helping people as they systematically destroy their lives.

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