One Tongue Johnny

The real truth

We sit here with very real problems with 20 million people possibly losing their insurance if Obamacare collapses in 5 months and getting our real unemployment rate down to 4% not 8%, helping reform tax laws to repatriate the $2 trillion we let go in the previous 8 years, the climb in the homicide rate by 30% and the massive number of felony convicted illegal immigrants running around creating havoc and using our prisons social services and taking jobs.

However the democrats spend 99% of the time concerned if President Trump shook hands correctly or had 2 scoops or 1 scoop of ice cream. They hate he spends time tweeting. The democrats spend 94% of their time talking about how they were cheated from the last election by Trump and Russia conspiring and dreaming of things Trump or his campaign said during the election to Russians in meetings rather than what he said to the American people which actually got him elected.

These things they are concerned about like everything in the last 8 years are fucking 100% irrelevant.

Fantasized white privelge. Fantasized white supremacists, fantasized white cop racism, fantasized dreams of millions of Muslims in Syria and Libya Yemen … attaining democracy and freedom from a few weapons we toss them. Fantasies of people flocking to a fucking nightmare of an insurance plan. Fantasies of global warming. Fantasies of male rape culture. Fantasies that we can have open borders and let millions of people just wander in illegally and there are no consequences.

Fantasies that BREXIT would be defeated, fantasies that millions of Muslim immigrants to Europe would be the best thing possible.

Fantasies that our economy is doing awesome and fantasies that white middle class midwesterners are deplorable. Finally the fantasy they they were going to win the election and that Donald Trump is Satan and Hitler combined worse than either alone.

People liked Obama. He sounds nice. He doesn’t offend you too much. But he also didn’t do anything.

The president’s job is NOT TO BE LIKED!! It is to do things for the country. Real things about real problems and solve them not solve fantasies.

In my opinion that’s how we got to where we were. The democrats spent 8 years fixing fantasies that didn’t exist and let the real world careeen to disaster.

The democrats hate the real world. They dont want to hear about it or think about it. They want to live in their fantasy filter bubble worlds where they can dream up conspiracies and that everyone loves Obamacare. That’s why the CBO just told us 75% of the people on OBAMACARE would NOT buy it if they weren’t forced to. They are fantasizing they are the ones that cared for the middle class even though they call them deplorable. They are the nice people doing sanctuary cities to protect these only slightly criminal illegal immigrants taking our jobs who pay no taxes and send most of their money back to their home country and use our social services. But they work hard and make great guacamole.

We sit here and the democrats still unwilling to face the real world. Locked in their committees investigating Russia meetings and Macedonian emails and criticizing trump for every last thing they can think of. Coming up with new conspiracy theories and calling everything Trump does racist.

The democrats refuse to look at the real world. They are told by the NYT that reading stuff that isn’t what they believe is damaging to their psyche. So don’t listen to the bogeyman Trump. Listen to the nice MSNBC people. They will tell you a nice story of impeachment and everything going well in a democratic world.

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