The Trump and Putin fakeout is not effective

We the smart filter bubble people know that the fact that Trump has insisted the EU meet it’s 2% NATO commitment and increasing their budgets for military and the Syrian bombing is just subterfuge to try to stop us from continuing the investigation of Trump. Just because these things don’t seem to make sense is part of the plan. In fact, Trump plans to give all the new EU weapons to Putin as a gift.

We need to continue to find out the nature of the Trump Putin alliance and how Trump plans to sell out America and give America to Putin. It seems crazy that an American president is working with the world’s 2nd most evil man (Trump being number 1) to destroy America but you have to believe us.

We in the filter bubble are aware these outward signs of disunity are simply to be ignored. It is like Brietbart. It is part of the white supremacy line of Donald Trump and represents the male misogynistic tendencies of republicans. Don’t listen to anything they say. Scream “Pampelmouse” as loud as you can anytime you hear news about Putin and Trump not being friends. It will make you susceptible to hate if you listen to such news.

The Putin / Trump alliance is part of the attack on women, blacks, hispanics and other identity groups in the US. It is the way Trump plans to increase CO2 output to drive the world into incredible climate change to make the current climate change look like nothing. Well, it is nothing but that’s beside the point. Don’t forget Trump is Hitler. He will intern every immigrant legal or illegal as soon as we give up our resistance. Never stop resisting Trump. He is pure evil. We know it. Resist. Resist. Resist.

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