The wash post erupted in cheers as the news that Donald trump told Russia about the laptop Isis plot that everyone in the world already knew about.

How stupid are liberals that think Trump saying ISIS has a plan to blow up a plane with a laptop bomb is a secret? Europe announced a ban on laptops on airplanes last week. Obviously they know of a plot to put bombs in laptops. Why would they ban laptops otherwise? How stupid are you people?

Every single TSA and European security person must know of this plot or how would they know what to look for? I assumed the instant I heard the story that they were banning them that there must be a serious threat of this. How stupid are you?

Liberals actually hurt themselves more as usual

In their cheering the wapo demonstrated that their entire purpose in life is to get Donald Trump. That exposed them more than Trump exposed us to terrorism.

In fact, Russia is an ally in the fight against Islamic terrorism. Trump didn’t tell them anything more than they must know already but he should have told them about the plot.

When Hillary called half of republicans deplorable it made clear the hatred in her heart. It demonstrated her call that she was the “uniter in chief” was bullshit. It showed it was another lie like all the others.

The cheering of the wapo demonstrates their complete motivation for everything they do. An entire newspaper dedicated to the DNC democratic national committee. No doubts. No questions.

They exposed why anybody who reads that paper is a walking robot of the left, a moronic puppet of their propaganda and they admit it.

Everything they say and do is calculated to hurt republicans and Trump. That’s their mission. That’s why they go to work. Not for america or the good of the country. They are there to destroy Trump.

You have to understand if you read the wapo you are reading a propoganda rag whose sole purpose in life is to filter and manufacture all information for their purpose to destroy their political enemy. Not to help America but to push forward the Democrat party. It is an organ of the Democratic Party. It’s purpose is not truth or to help but to produce propoganda.

How is that different than what the Russians did? At least he Russians released truth.

The democrats are a political lot. They riot. They put whole newspapers for political purpose. They scream, commit deceptions, literally I am not sure what crime is too big for them to get what they want.

They don’t care about principles of the benefit of the middle class. They smashed the middle class 40% in their 8 years and they have no regret, no second thoughts. They don’t give a crap they left 60 million people hanging many of them they had promised they had their back.

They aren’t spending one second thinking about healthcare. They don't care if Obamacare works or doesn’t work. They don't care if there are no choices for the people they wrote the bill for. All they know is they need to stop Trump. They don’t care if more black people die or live. They don't care if anyone has a job. They just need to stop Trump.

They exposed themselves and their purpose in their cheering. That’s way worse than any Trump leak. They showed who they are. That is the most damning thing they could have done.

If America votes for these people they can expect the same that they got for 8 years because they have not learned a thing or repent from anything they did.

If the Democrats win a single seat next election they will think that all their hissy fits, all their propaganda, that they did, all the lies, every person they snubbed can be snubbed again. They will feel like their riots worked. Their intimidation and the crimes of the election they committed were okay because they won.

The DNC has become a crazed lust filled party of hate that is obsessed with Donald Trump. Every word is vilified. They realize they are being beaten and that Trump is getting things done. They have to stop him or he will win. That’s why they are going insane with the craziness.

It’s clear Comey was really a Democratic stooge. He never intended to prosecute Hillary. That was obviously engineered from the beginning to look like an investigation that never could come to fruition. The elite in the Democratic Party would never let that happen. They had plans for Hillary. Comey being fired is another cog in their network removed. They are furious.

Their filter bubble story of the Russia collusion is collapsing. People are seeing that there was nothing. The investigation is not going anywhere. They need to have another fantasy to replace it. They are desperate to create another fantasy to sell to their drones.

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