There may actually be a connection of Harvey and Irma to Climate

After a large ENSO event (the El Niño of 2015) temperatures cooled by a huge amount over the last year.

Climate Scientists had predicted storms would get more intense with higher temperatures but they didn’t. Instead they actually got less. The reason for this is actually quite obvious. The temperature difference between the poles and the equator is really what drives winds and currents in the atmosphere not ocean temperature.

During periods of warming the poles actually warm more than the equator which lessens the energy available for storms. Similarly when temperatures get colder storms increase in intensity. The opposite of what climate scientists thought.

So, after the El Niño of 2015 we have had a huge drop off in temperatures almost bringing the average temperature of the Earth back to the pre-ElNino “pause” conditions. During the El Niño you could see the climate scientists salivating. Finally some temperature rise they had been hoping for. Like the Charlottesville event they conspired to make the most of the El Niño and published new algorithms embroiled in another scandal about data faking but they made every effort to show some warming prior to the Paris Climate accord so they wouldn’t have to go in and explain why the temperature of the Earth hadn’t moved in 20 years.

The short story is that as temperature have fallen over the last year as they have after every El Niño but for which Climate Scientists insisted wouldn’t happen this time. It did to their great chagrin and again mistaken predictions. The fall over the last year has set up much higher temperature differences with the poles thus reinforcing the theory that it is the difference in temperature between the poles and equator that drives storms.

Thus you could say that Climate, specifically the end of the El Niño and replacement as expected with La Ninas produced higher probability of storms.

For a pretty comprehensive article on the tomfoolery the climate folks have been pulling you can go to:

This article was confirmed by 2 recent published peer reviewed papers that show that adjustments the NOAA applies create impossible temperatures over the Earth for the last century.

Here is the latest climate alarmist graph: The graph below is the highly adjusted data from Climate Scientist dirty hands.

This graph is built using the following:

1) Ocean temperatures estimated by using buckets dropped in the ocean from ocean traversing ships NOT the Temperatures from our multi-million dollar ARGO buoy system that is the most accurate temperature record. (ARGO Buoys don’t show ocean temperatures have moved hardly at all in 20 years we’ve been doing them so scientists ignore them and pick data from ship buckets that can be manipulated and adjusted to their hearts content.

2) The ocean air temperatures are then estimated 1 meter off the surface of the ocean which no device we have actually measures and distributed across the ocean using something called the homogenization algorithm. The homogenization algorithm has been implicated in massive upward adjustments to worldwide temperatures over the last century. This is astonishing way to look at the Earths temperature as these are completely fabricated temperatures with no thermostat anywhere actually measuring it. No living things live in this “theoretical zone of temperature which comprises 70% of the surface of the Earth.

3) Land temperatures from the most unreliable thermostats and then sifted through the homogenization algorithm that lowers temperatures 120 years ago by 6F and makes the 1940s cold. They don’t use satellite data because it shows much much less warming over the last 40 years. So, they use land thermostats and they even select the worst ones so they can apply more adjustments.

Another scandal ensued

About 6 months ago the quality control expert John Bates at NOAA retired and whistleblew that the Paris data set included data that could not be replicated and algorithms that weren’t stable. Of course the filter bubble has suppressed the scandal. Suppressed the stupidity of their adjustments.

Still with all that chicanery you can see the trend over the last 30 years is 0.1C/decade or 0.3C total which is 1/4 of the rate they predicted. (Notice they no longer include their predictions in articles)

Their prediction is for 3C more in the next 80 years or 0.36C/decade or almost 4 times the rate of rise of their highly manipulated and exaggerated 0.1C / decade over last 30 years. It hasn’t happened for 70 years but what the heck, nobody is looking. We’ll just make an assumption that is unbelievable and hope nobody notices. This is compounded by the fact they have adjusted and adjusted data to the point now that articles are coming out all the time showing the adjustments are unbelievable.

One wonders how long they think they can keep up the adjustment game. Apparently a lot longer than one would imagine. They have made 32 adjustments to the historical record which you think would have been well studied but they are careful to make each adjustment of prior adjustments small so they can always say the current adjustment is minimal but over 32 adjustments to adjustments they have adjusted temperatures 120 years ago to 6F colder than measured at the time and the 1940s to look like an ice age when it is the period with the highest and longest records of high temperatures even today.

I long ago said they could adjust all they want because of the rate of warming didn’t meet their predictions eventually it would be obvious even with adjustments that things were wrong. What they have done is continue to adjust to the level of ridiculousness and even as they continue to miss the rate even with adjustments they simply ignore the apparent contradiction between 70 years of co2 output and how the atmosphere has responded to co2 and what they claim is the sensitivity of the atmosphere. The fact that we need an incredible 4 times faster rate of rise in temperatures than we’ve seen and sustain that rise for 80 years to meet their catastrophe scenario is obfuscated about as well as the evidence of Trumps plan to exterminate all blacks in america. They just ignore the absurdity of it. I think this depends on an assumption that most Americans are mathematically challenged and dont see the ridiculousness of the predictions.

If you look at the entire period 1945–2018 which includes 94% of all CO2 ever produced the change in temperature is between 0.35 or 0.65 depending on whose graphs you choose. In either case the rate of change is either 0.05C or 0.1C/decade and is 1/4 of the rate they project for the next 80 years.

So, how does the rate of temperature increase by a factor of 4 over the next 80 years?

It’s called religion. It’s not science that’s for sure. For 70 years the atmosphere has operated one way under the influence of CO2. You can believe 0.35 or 0.65 but in either case there is no way to get even 1C in the next 80 years unless they have an explanation for why science will suddenly change.

Furthermore as I have explained numerous times the entire theory depends on 3 things simultaneously all being true that are untrue today.

1) The co2 output of the world explodes by a factor of 10 over the next 80 years. Probably impossible.

2) The temperature change rate under a certain amount of co2 explodes by a factor of 4 as described above. Also, impossible to predict scientifically.

3) That the negative consequences that have all been disproved turn out to be somehow true including that storms get worse with higher temperatures not less.

This all depends also on another ridiculous assumption.

4) That technological change in the next 80 years does not make it trivial or very easy to reduce co2 output, reduce the impact of co2 or that we don’t mitigate natural disasters any better than 20 years ago.

Even with all this it is not usually enough to satisfy the virtue signaling global warmers. They project even worse things like sea levels rising at 100 times the rate it is now. Assuming 20 times the co2 output. They are always seeking to scare and produce ridiculous scenarios to frighten people.

Every way you look at it, it is impossible for co2 to produce catastrophic climate change.

This is a game like all the other filter bubble games. Evidence manufactured and created out of whole cloth. Ridiculous assertions and accusations, constant scare tactics that seeks to divert us from the daily tasks of dealing with disasters that happen today mitigating those disasters and getting better at handling disasters.

Energy Poverty killing way more people than will ever be saved by stopping Global warming and they aren’t stopping it anyway.

Instead we see in Europe, spending billions to try to reduce the amount of co2 produced has increased costs of energy by a factor of 3. This has caused many people to be unable to afford energy during the winter or summer. This has led to estimated 15,000 deaths in Britain and 40,000 deaths across all Europe to SAVE themselves from global warming catastrophe in 2100 that will never happen.

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