We now know that Obama and his administration were criminals

I honestly didn’t believe this 6 months ago. I knew there were lots of things that looked suspicious but I’ve even said that it looked like Obama was generally a pretty honest man.

I no longer think that can be defended.

1) We learned today another devastating thing uncovered by Judicial watch.

  • Prior to the transition James Comey to an FOIA request of anything to do with the tarmac meeting of AG Lynch and Bill Clinton that they had nothing. James Comey signed the FOIA request produced no documents.
  • Today the DOJ responded to the same FOIA request and produced 420 pages of emails that talk about the tarmac meeting and how the FBI and DOJ would handle the “talking points” for the media. These 420 pages were between DOJ and FBI among others.

These 2 things are contradictory.

2) Before the election FOIA requests of the FBI IRS investigation said that nothing was found. They said the reason was that all the information had been deleted. After the transition the IRS was able to produce 7000 additional documents responsive to the IRS scandal. IRS agents are now claiming they cannot be exposed or people will kill them.

3) The FISA court learned in January this year that hundreds of uncoverings occurred as a matter of course by senior White House officials and even the US ambassador to the UN. These uncovering occurred on highly political documents not Russia documents.

4) Obama violated the constitution by giving money to insurance companies that was not allocated by the congress in clear violation.

5) New emails off Huma Abedins computer were found that were deleted off Hillarys computers. These emails show absolute quid quo pro of Hillary, the state department and donors to her foundation.

This is just the start. We are now hearing how Wasserman paid 4 million dollars to an IT firm that has been shown to destroy hard drives and committing numerous crimes. Wasserman is seen trying to recover a computer without the police looking that the IT firm hid in the walls of their house!!

The US suffered enormously in the last 8 years. Barrack Obama’s identity politics and foreign policy activities spawned a massive growth in our enemies worldwide. We saw the breakup of the EU, the immigration of millions of Muslim refugees that have been committing terrorism all over Europe and the US. He was driving us toward nuclear war with Russia and he gave $170 billion to Iran one of our most committed enemies and sponsors of terrorism.

Our economy had the lowest growth rate in 100 years for 8 years. The middle class wealth was decimated by 40 percent. The homicide rate climbed by 30% in the last 2 years.

I could go on. The Obama administration is easily the worst thing to happen to america in 70 years. We will be prosecuting and recovering from this for decades. That is why the democrats are so crazy. They realize everything they stood for and did for the last 8 years is so bad they have to attack. They have to hide in their filter bubbles.

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