Who is hiding more? Democrats or Republicans?

The election failure

This country has become fractured and I am not 100% clear why but a big part of it is that the democrats have freaked out not just since November but for more than a year.

The loss was too much of a psychological trauma after the filter bubble programming of how Hillary the Saint could not possibly be defeated. But before the election they were already in derangement.

Certainly the scale of the defeat is part of it. They thought they would win the presidency but also had high hopes of winning the senate and house. The senate had been taken over by the republicans 6 years ago. A lot of republicans won their seats 6 years ago which means a huge number of republican seats were up for re-election. With a thin margin of only a few seats surely the dems would recover a few of those seats. The house would be more problematic but surely the senate could be flipped. It didn’t.

What the dems didn’t realize is they were also vulnerable on governorships and in party houses around the country. They had completely 100% misjudged through their filter bubble the sentiment of the vast majority of states in the country. Hillary declared the middle class middle of the country deplorable apparently thinking she was invincible or not caring what happened in those states with other democrats.

So, they lost governorships and state houses. The total loss is 900 seats. Republicans control 32 Governorships and State houses. One short of being able to call a constitutional convention if they wanted. They don’t. The republicans like the constitution just as it is.

How could the party that we are told is the vast majority of Americans, the party that speaks for the poor and middle class, the party of the intelligent, the caring democrats, the party of the hispanics and blacks, lose everywhere SO MUCH?

White’s are barely a majority in America anymore. The “story” the liberals tell is that it is only white males that vote republican. That’s half of half of america. How did this tiny small hateful group of people the horrible white male pull out and win so incredible a victory putting the democrats in the doghouse in 70% of the country and all 3 federal branches of government?

Well, it isn’t quite as the democrats like to believe. They live through intimidation convincing people by yelling and calling everyone racist and white supremacist and xenophobia and sexist that only the most vile evil and horrible people vote republican. Therefore Americans must be really evil.

Interestingly, more blacks voted for Trump than voted for Romney and also hispanics. Even more interesting, a majority of native born american hispanics voted for Trump. In the end a majority of white females voted for Trump. Asians voted for Trump. Lots of people voted for Trump. Well, they are just dumb. Democrats know all and are superior. That is obvious. People just fall for the republican propaganda. Except they hardly have any propaganda compared to the democrats. The democrats are the real experts in propaganda.

The media became superPacs for the Dems

During this election I believe the democrats committed an incredible array of crimes nobody ever committed in an election ever before in America. Journalism collapsed and the DNC corrupted media CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS all came out as political hatchet machines for the democrats. That’s not a crime but it is tragic. Those media are now permanently irretreivably associated with the Democratic Party. They are essentially part of the Democratic Party and should be treated as SuperPac’s.

SuperPacs cannot coordinate with the candidate. According to law any breaching of coordination would lead to SuperPac’s being taxed on their contributions and fined. These media should have all the coverage they did for the democrats become taxable expenses not deductible. They coordinated and worked directly with the DNC and candidate.

These DNC media represent additional funding for the dems and this must be accounted for. They even staged fund raising efforts together, had stories approved and written by DNC staffers. Embarrassing but not criminal. We seriously need campaign reform. The Media should be investigated by the IRS and FEC.

The democrats did things like leak questions to Hillary, send thugs to disrupt Trump rallies, performed various hate crimes trying to pin it on Trump supporters and other dirty tricks that would put Richard Nixon’s small time slush fund to shame. However, these are all relatively evil but small time crimes.

There is strong evidence of polling corruption at major media. They will argue they made legitimate mistakes but this was overtly done as was clear because of the Podesta email leak. Therefore, they should be made to come clean and disclose their demographics on every poll. It is further evidence of collusion of the media and DNC again violating the intent of the SuperPac law.

NBC staged the release of the sex tapes and the fake rape victims and pawing victims. This is not beyond beyond but pretty out there and is further evidence of collusion of the media and the DNC.

Nonetheless, this is fixable. By correcting the law or clarifying the law around superPacs and media we could easily create some solutions to this clear attempt to subvert our democracy.

The crime of omission

More important to me than these election violations is the fact that for 8 years the media refused to question or provide oversight of Obama and his administration.

We had 40% of the middle class wealth erased, the participation rate drop by 4%, the vast majority of new jobs becoming part-time or temp and the media never questioned if Obama was doing enough. We had the slowest recovery from a recession in nearly 100 years and the media never questioned the democrats line that everything was fine. That’s a crime to the american people and a great disservice to a huge segment of american people.

A huge omission of the democratic media was the complete lack of accountability of Obama’s foreign policy. During Obama’s term he committed so many errors and induced so many problems it is astonishing that the DNC media was able to suppress this.

I attribute it to the fact most Americans frankly could care less how F’d up the rest of the world is. We’ve seen so many dictatorships and heartless evil things committed by other governments it’s hard to have much concern. So, a president has a lot of leeway to commit a lot of crap and get away with it.

Nonetheless, the US had NO foreign policy victories in 8 years. 65 million refugees, millions killed, the US involved in 4 wars simultaneously for all 8 years of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize presidency didn’t get the media interested in looking into the catastrophes.

The emergence of a new Islamic front with ISIS, spreading to 29 countries and encouraged by Obama’s coup’s and interference in various countries they gained fantastic strength. Terrorism incidents worldwide soared 500%.

The breakup of Europe is an unbelievable event and turn for bad. Nobody anticipated that Europe was in trouble at the beginning of Obama’s administration. It is universally understood that Britain and other countries of Europe were enraged by the forced immigration of many refugees from Obama’s mistakes. Merkel and Hillary and Obama shared a common viewpoint possibly a guilt for causing so much pain with their failed foreign policy efforts they entreated their populations to accept millions of Islamic refugees. The result was the breakup of the EU and opinion polls showing 80% of Europeans would not oppose a total ban on all Muslims.


Interference in elections and cybercrime

Obama and Hillary tried to influence the world in many ways during their administrations.

Besides the overly funding of rebel groups in many countries bringing chaos they interfered in democratic or “ostensible” democracies everywhere as well.

In Russia it is known that Hillary and Obama tried to force Putin to lose. They did this to our knowledge mainly through international agencies but we may not know all they did.

In Israel, Obama spent hundreds of thousands on opposition parties to try to get Netanyahu pushed out.

In Britain, Obama told the British people they would be punished by the US if they voted for BREXIT. They campaigned against Theresa May.

Nobody made a stink about any of these.

The US is the number one world hacker without a doubt. We actually have no idea how much the US hacks because they are so adept they can make any hacking look like someone else’s fault. About 30% of all hacking appears to come from China. I assume this is accurate. I don’t know. The Chinese steal billions and billions in IP from the US every year and they do things like steal recipes for making metal products which costs US producers billions.

The democrats were so clueless about all this hacking and cybercrime going on that they acted like completely ignorant there was any problem at all. Podesta used the password password. I have argued that using such a term he simply should have published his email himself. Essentially he was saying, come hack me. Anybody can get in and release this stuff. Hillary’s server was another example of the gross lack of concern for security the democrats had. Whatever plans Hillary had for that server were obviously more important than any risk of security. She needed that server badly for some reason we will probably never know.

Democrat Scandals during Obama Term

Now let us consider the more serious actual crimes of the democrats

The faked Primary

We all know that the democrats never seriously allowed Bernie Sanders to compete for Hillary’s presidency. We know that elites picked her in 2008 and there was never any chance for Bernie. Superdelegates made that a fait accompli. Is this a crime? It definitely should be. We are mature enough a country now that letting elite’s pick our leaders should have been impossible.

The DNC never admits this, talks about it. I know many democrats have complained about this but they effectively prevent this from getting into the filter bubble narratives.

Seth Rich

It is incredibly disturbing that Assange put a $20,000 reward for information leading to the discovery of who killed Seth Rich. He was found murdered in Washington after leaving his DNC office. His murder continues to be a mystery as nothing was actually stolen from him even though the police insist it was a robbery gone wrong. Why would Assange care about this guy? He more or less made it known that Seth was the guy who gave him the DNC documents. This is contrary to the NSA story that the Russians hacked the emails.

Interestingly, 10 months after the DNC was informed that the NSA knew of their computers being hacked the DNC hired a firm to do forensics. They never turned over the actual computers to the NSA or FBI. They only gave them the forensics by this private firm 10 months later. This was disclosed in RussiaGate hearings in public testimony by Comey and NSA chiefs. They concluded the Russians hacked using only forensics provided by this private firm. Interesting.

I don’t know if Seth was murdered by disgruntled DNC operatives, spies of one agency or another or was as innocent and sad as the local police claim. However, it does call out for an investigation. With he recent disclosure of finding 44,000 emails with attachments by Seth to Wikileaks it’s pretty clear that something was going on here yet it’s been made hush hush what those emails entailed and the investigation has been stymied by higher authorities that want it stopped.

None of this is on MSNBC of course.

IRS Scandal

For a few years after the Tea party formed there were allegations that Democrats were using the IRS to harass and intimidate republicans, to deny tax free status to Republican organizations and to audit republicans unfairly. During the campaign all 16 of the republican candidates said they were being audited by the IRS.

When this scandal came out the democrats rejected it. Investigations were stymied. Documents were lost by the IRS similar to the Hillary server scandal the IRS failed to keep archives of emails and documents they are required. The investigation never got off the ground. After the election, Trump officials were able to get the IRS to turn over 7,000 documents found to be compliant. There is new evidence and Trump officials are pressuring the IRS to turn over more documents and for the courts to release documents from the original investigation. Just in the last few days IRS officials have testified that their lives would be in danger if these documents were released. Really? It’s that bad?

None of this is in the filter bubble press of course.

Spying of the White House

We now know that during Obama’s term the use of spying on American citizens has exploded. In 2016 especially an obscure change in rules was made by Obama that allowed much wider dissemination of American citizen spying become possible as well as leaks. Obama himself through operatives in his administration uncovered thousands of US citizens in the last year of his presidency.

It is unclear but it is apparent that many of these were Trump officials during the campaign and after. Susan Rice, Obama’s closest staffer who he had daily briefings with and was a goto person in the Obama administration for political affairs viewed these conversations.

During the RussiaGate hearings we have the NSA director and FBI director admitting they have seen Trump associates unmasked names and conversations. Repeated attempts by the Senate and house investigations to get Comey to disclose or investigate whose names were unmasked and what conversations have been unmasked has been met with stiff resistance and promises to look into it that never results in anything.

There are several things here that are incredibly dangerous that must be corrected REGARDLESS of the guilt of democrats in actually performing spying on the Republican campaign.

It should be very clear that as bad as spying on ordinary citizens is which is really bad and a crime and constitutional violation that spying on your opponent during a campaign is beyond even this. Obviously this is a campaign violation and should be met with incredible rebuke.

If a president or official suspects a competing politician is involved in some illegal activity which could possibly lead to unmasking conversations during an election such an investigation must be handled by a special group of people who could not possibly be connected to either campaign. This is an incredible thing that I find unbelievable democrats are willing to say: “Oh yeah. This is fine. We had to do it because of the Russia thing.” The Russia thing we now see is completely fabricated. In fact, it seems apparent it could very well be that the entire Russia controversy was invented simply to cover for the spying the Democrats were doing.

I consider this to be one of the most important things of all that has to be investigated but we were stymied by Comey. We need to know if this process was used to spy.

Hillary’s illegal handling of email

I continue to believe that Hillary’s handling of email server and deleting the emails, the 5 immunity grants given to Hillary associates has to be investigated. There was clearly an appearance that Hillary was protected from being charged by numerous techniques and officials and the investigation was never going to result in a conviction under any circumstances.

Many people may not realize it is law that government employees have all their email archived (saved even if they are deleted.) Hillary had 30,000 emails deleted and not archived. In fact, her servers hard disks were scrubbed with a spy-grade tool that scrambles bits on the disk beyond any possibly recovery. This was done AFTER a subpoena was issued to retrieve them. She also had her cell phones hammered to the point that forensics would be impossible. 5 people were given immunity Who performed the bit scrubbing. Why? These people refused to testify which seems to be the whole point of being immunized. The whole thing reeks of massive coverup and protection.

All the investigators in the FBI unanimously are reported to have insisted the matter be turned over to Grand Jury for possible prosecution. Instead Comey did something no FBI director should do or has done which is to weigh in on the matter himself. He dismissed the charges against Hillary. This was a huge violation of the normal chain of command and proper handling of the case.

The filter bubble barely covered the immunity grants and the incredibly suspicious way the case was handled instead focusing on the email server as a controversy if it was legal or not and if the emails were of significance that no one had seen. The fact that such measures were taken by Hillary and her squad points to an extreme effort to coverup not an accidental issue.

The Coverup of Hillary’s sale of the state department and influence peddling

I have pointed out over and over that during the Hillary time at the State Department over 100 meetings occurred with people affiliated with governments or individuals or corporations that had issues being decided by the state department and who simultaneously had contributed to the Hillary foundation and who received favorable disposition of their state department requests.

There are numerous of these countries and organizations who fit this bill of being potential points of influence selling and compromising of US interests outlawed by law and written into the constitution for precisely this reason. Among the most prominent well known were Arab governments, The Russian government which got to purchase 25% of America’s stockpile of Uranium through a Canadian company and George Soros who gave 6 million to Hillary’s campaign as well and was performing SuperPac functions and who Hillary performed actions in his behalf while at the state department.

Most tellingly the contributions to the foundation have fallen off after Hillarys loss and the foundation has been closed.

Since Bill Clinton left Office the former President and his wife have made $230 million at least as documented by Forbes. Possibly much more and billions in their foundation which the ultimate destination of those funds is unclear.

The Desturciton of people — McArthyism resurrected

Whether we are talking about Climate Science or politics there has been a concerted effort by Democrats to destroy their opponents. Not just to argue against them. Not to beat them in fair elections or in the marketplace of ideas but to physically beat them or personally destroy them. This is justified because of the narrative that Trump is the ultimate evil. Trump is like Hitler. He is a dictator. The Republicans are white supremacists and evil. Therefore any crime can be committed with impunity and even indignation and intimidation as superior because of the EVIL TRUMP.

We’ve seen this story before. It is Mcarthy. It is fascism. I hate to use the term but it is clearly a form of fascism. People may not realize it. Maybe some are too young to realize they are heading down the KristalNacht path but the democrats seem completely unhinged and being programmed to destruction.

The attempt to destroy the first ammendment

We know democrats are rioting all over America to demand that what they call “hateful speech” should be not allowed under the constitution.

There is simply no way to justify this in any conceivable way.


I think you can see that compared to the Trump collusion conspiracy which literally has NO evidence these cases above had lots of evidence of criminal behavior and almost NO investigation was done.

There is no one to charge with anything. It is not even clear what collusion or charges are conceivable. There is no evidence of anyone saying anything remotely about the election to any Russians. None. There is nothing there. We are supposed to believe that simply having conversations with people is a crime. I am having a conversation with you. Is it a crime? I am not sure. I am talking about Russia to some extent.

The democrats have clearly tried to game government and the political process. They were clearly trying to create some kind of coup and essentially create protection for their members. There is even the inkling of murder. Yet nothing from the filter bubble. No investigations of any significant result under Obama. Nobody has been charged or brought to justice.

The democrats protect their own. They are a deceitful and horrific set of corrupt people. It is simply impossible to believe all these things are innocent accidents of history or republican created things. Hillary insisted on her server. 44,000 emails found in Seth Rich’s laptop. So much evidence.

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