Who knew democrats were such sore losers?

8 months after the election and Democrats still can’t get over their loss. How do you account for such baby behavior as Democrats constant calling for death of the Trump family, pathetic attacks on disabled child, still calling incest and laughing about punching him? The constant frantic desire to find anything anything to hurt Donald.

I have to admit that their lack of introspection and inability to see how stupid their own arguments are is astonishing. Let’s take one example of the distortions they continue to believe.

The Travel Ban filter bubble deception

When Trump issued his travel ban democrats were appalled. They were sure it was related to his anti-Muslim stance they were sure. 2 judges finally overturned the ban based on speeches they said happened during the election.

When I heard this, not being a lawyer I saw it was stupid. A law cannot possibly be turned over because of something somebody said. There couldn’t be any legal basis for that. Looking at the constitution and prior law it was clear that the president had the power to do this. I said that these judges obviously made completely unsupportable case.

You didn’t hear that in the filter bubble. The news agencies in the democratic pocket never told their filter bubble robots listening that this likely was not going to make it past the Supreme Court. I never heard one democrat ever admit the judges just legislated something impossible to support legally. For months we heard how they were overturned for obviously legitimate reasons. Trumps own speech convicted him they said over and over. Even as the Supreme Court had the chance to hear the case the CNN and other filter bubble news never said it was likely the judges would be overturned.

In early June I published that the law would easily be overturned. I didn’t know if a few of the liberal judges would somehow go along with the lower court judges but the ban would be overturned easily. I guessed 6 to 3. It was overturned by 9–0. Even Ginsburg had to admit it was a piece of shit ruling from these 2 judges.

Let me explain something to you idiot liberals. The law isn’t that hard. This was obvious to anyone. Why didn’t you ever say that? Why didn’t you ever talk about how these judges acted to outside the norm that a ruling of 9–0 would happen. I have rarely heard of 9–0 rulings by the Supreme Court. By the time something gets to the Supreme Court one assumes it is a hard case, difficult and has real issues. This had none. There was zero doubt but the media and none of their people said that. Except one. Allan Dershowitz went on some programs and said the overturning was stupid. He was called anti-muslim and booted off the liberal media.

What evidence do you need of propaganda than this? It is so blatant. 9–0 result means none of the liberals judges could go along with this idea. That’s good for me it means at least the more liberal judges are adherent to the constitution enough not to let blatant political thinking cloud a very clear constitutional and legal issue that couldn’t possibly have merit.

The filter bubble stations continue their propaganda. They say the travel ban was validated in part but they don’t mention the unprecedented 9–0 ruling. They say in part because the judges said they would decide later on people who had mothers, fathers, sisters or brothers or children in the US could possibly visit. 3 of the judges said they were sure the ban covered these close relative situations which are 5% of the travel situations the other 6 judges want to think about it and decide that separately which means if only 2 of the remaining 6 judges agree even close relatives are included then Trump will have a 100% win with a huge overwhelming evidence that he was right and the liberals were lying all along and performing judicial malfeasance.

Yet this is not reported in the filter bubble. What evidence do you need that everything you hear in these media is complete propaganda meant to program you? How can you listen to stuff you know is utter programming designed to decieve you?

Did you know that the decision would go down 9–0? If you didn’t then you should wonder what other things you aren’t being told, like the fact that NONE of the things they talk about Russia has any merit at all. ZERO. There is nothing wrong with DT Jr hearing whatever dirt from anyone. Why would there be? If it was true everyone should know it. Democracy demands that. How can you be against that?

So, the democrats do everything for their personal victory. It’s so obvious they don’t care for poor people, for blacks for anyone but themselves. Their constant lying and self-absorbtion on their loss and wanting retribution shows they care not a whit for the American people.

They are taking pleasure from polls they do again showing Trump’s numbers down. Anyone who believe’s these things needs to revisit the election. 4 special election losses and win after win for Trump should make you wonder if he is so incompetent, if people are so against him as the narratives of the hate trump sore loser camp.

I think it is the coddling these people got as kids. They can’t stand thinking they lost. All their lives they got gold stars, everyone always gave them everything they asked for so when Donald Trump won they for the first time in their lives had to face the fact that their pathetic wishes didn’t come true. You see in the filter bubble all their beliefs are reinforced and agreed to by their other filter bubble morons. So, they laugh and cry together. They spin tales of hate and malfeasance and believe whatever things they want and hide and deny anything they don’t want to hear.

NYT confirms liberals are babies

Today the NYT had an article that said hearing things you don’t want to hear is damaging and can be like hate crime and depressing and all that. They are saying it is like a crime to make people hear something if it is the truth but not something they like. That’s now a hate crime.

We are seeing how the system is screwing with people’s minds. We have 64 million babies who never grew up and just have tantrums and don’t care about anybody but themselves.

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