I’m not defending the WaPo even though I used to work for them.
Alfred Alfie Norris

WTF. Hillary has gotten $300 million from all kinds of countries and people. The democrats took $1.5 billion from elites. Everybody “takes money” or is “financed.”

I don’t know how much is true but I do think that at some point Trump may have done a deal with a Russian bank many years ago. He almost certainly has done deals with Banks in 50 countries. He did deals with all kinds of people. He’s a billionaire with properties all over the world, like elites who run the Democratic Party.

The thing the democrats and the elites who fund the democrats never imagined is that the republicans would have a candidate who actually cared about the middle class and about the future of america and not the future of elites.

A man who cared if we let in illegals by the millions just so the democrats could have more voters they could scare into voting for them.

A man who cared for our security more than money donated from rich Muslim interests. Hillary was paid $40 million to say “Islam and terrorism are not connected.” Do you think after she got that money she could ever say anything bad about terrorism from Muslims?

Let’s talk about influence. Both Obamas parents and relatives are muslim. How could he ever think anything bad about muslim violence? It’s all lone-wolf’s. There is no general problem here even if 18 muslim countries kill all gays. Even if all the clitoral removal surgeries in the world are done in muslim countries no muslims have been at war with Jews and calling them dogs for thousand years and think that religion and state are the same Sharia or that changing religion is a death sentence, that saying bad things about Mohammed is a death sentence. That so many things are death sentences.

The religion of “peace” muslim is attacking people in Philippines today. Thailand yesterday seeking to split them and Balkanize them as they did to India, as they did to Romania, as they are starting to do in Belgium. Killing young girls in Manchester England, thrusting a knife in France’s cultural stomach in Nice or Paris. On and on.

No, but Trump is the enemy. For an hour a few days ago while girls were being slaughtered CNN, ABC, NBC couldn’t help masturbating in their fantasies of Trumps long and extensive discussions with Russia taking over the world.

Russia is the evil evil evil country even more evil than Trump. Russia who has never killed an American unlike the Muslim extrmeists that Obama fueled that killed girls.

Yeah, you guys are sane. not!

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