Sources yes indeed but John be sure to read the underlying fine print that your sources won’t be…
Reginald Erikson

Yesterday was an excellent example of the bias:

Obama holds baby in his arms. Press asks: Is it the baby or Obama who loves the other more? Oh how sweet.

Trump: Moron idiot co-dictator in chief talked to Putin and threatens the world with more dictatorship.

This is exactly perfect analogy of the last 2 years of the liberal press and why they are not believed or useful to this country. Spouting pablum and issuing propaganda is not what the US needs. These media could disappear entirely and we would be better off. There are thousands of media sources. 2 or 3 won’t be missed if they just disappear. These are not some hugely valuable entities. They didn’t perform their stated function of keeping Obama honest and they aren’t keeping Trump honest. They are just spouting hate. They need to be slapped around, it’s obvious.

I thought I detected after the CNN debacles that they were starting to be more objective. There may be a 5% move to more objective. More articles come out that aren’t outright hit pieces. I don’t know if they themselves are just tired of hating and even they are bored of just shitting on Trump constantly. Personally, I find it very stressful to hate people and to keep focusing on that. I find it is very disturbing they are so obsessed. It is clearly some kind of mental problem. They are locked into some kind of addictive behavior that is killing them.

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