The level of negligence displayed in this incident is beyond the pale.
I’ve followed several of these stories over the past two years, trying to understand both why they…
David Cearley

Yet, a jury of peers couldn’t convict him. We don’t have all the data. What I would like is someone in the press to do a real full book or documentary on one or two of these cases and let us hear it all. Seeing a videotape as obvious as it seems still apparently leaves out enough for us to be confused. We have seen similar things with all the other cases. Even black judges and juries have been unable to convict officers.

This is why I say, people should be taught probably in high school about how to behave with a police officer. What to do to be safe. It seems obvious but in the heat of the moment the slightest mistake could result in loss of life. As the statistics pointed out the majority of deaths are white so it’s not just blacks that should be worried about making mistakes or misunderstanding what they can and can’t do.

I know when I am pulled over sometimes I feel unfairly I will get a little hot under the collar. I find myself making snide remarks or thinking about resisting. It’s not hard to imagine a little mistake could result in a tragic result. These things remind us. The cop has no way of knowing if you are a convict escaping the law or even on probation and it is a life or death situation. They have no way of knowing if the person in the car with you is there as a friend or you are abducting them. They have no idea if you have a gun if your hand might slip and shoot him. You have to assume the cop will assume the worst and you need to be utterly compliant and put your hands where they can be seen and clearly not near a weapon.

Unfortunately bad people will take advantage of any cop who just tries to be lax about all this. If he just assumes you are some average person speeding or whatever that is precisely what the bad guy hopes to take the cop by surprise and get him. We have to realize that is the society we live in just as we now have to assume that people might take explosives onto planes or have bombs on them and have security procedures that are inconvenient. We have let the madman gain enough we have to assume the worst in people.

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