“You didn’t write what was true.
Eve Moran

You are either completely unaware of how our country works or purposely deceptive.

1) The president has 100% pardon ability and every president has issued pardons of all kinds of people including felons of all types. Each President has done this sometimes on thousands of people. So, your claim that pardoning is “crime” is absurd in the extreme. That means Obama, Clinton are also dictators and criminals. Actually, Clinton could be the most criminal of these cases. He pardoned Marc Rich who was accused of felony money laundering. Is it surprising that Marc who is a billionaire got a pardon? What about that Marc Rich was brought on as consultant at the Hillary Foundation. Now under investigation for money laundering?

2) It was 9–0 that 99% of people coming in under the travel ban could be rejected. The president won 99% of the ban and the justices are still deciding if the last 1% is also to be banned. I don’t know how you call that a defeat. Can you name another 9–0 decision?

The travel ban now allows only people who are siblings or fathers or mothers to travel to the US from those 6 countries. The new decision when the court makes its determination may remove even this last 1%.

Moreover NONE of the judges used the arguments of the prior judges that what Trump said during the campaign had any relevance.

Eve, I dont know if it’s possible to see beyond your filter bubble programming. It would probably create a permanent brain hemmorage. I don’t want to harm you.

I do not categorize all liberals in one horrible bucket. There are lots of different liberals. Unfortunately, a lot of those liberals are actually evil. People who are purposely directing us away from our real problems and to fantasy problems are a real problem. Consider if you are wrong what the problems of our country are like Obama did that the country will suffer enormously.

Consider that during Obamas admin we saw homicide rates rise, we saw the middle class lose 40% of their wealth, temp and part time jobs replacing full time. Decrease in longevity, the opioid crisis, massive spinning up of racial divide and increasing murders of cops. 500% increase in terrorism, increasing hate to Muslims, record 65 million refugees, 8 wars and no successes, losing to Russia in Syria, lower education scores, black unemployment persistently high, 10 trillion is additional debt.obamacare hated.

Why would all that go wrong?

Because obama was focused on the wrong problems. If you focus on the wrong things and don’t diagnose what the problem really is then that is how things get worse. Liberals don’t know what the problems in America are and you need to shut up and let trump try because you and obama failed. This is how democracy works.

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