I wish President Trump could walk a day in your shoes, or at least read your article.
Laura Engle

You do realize her and 5 kids will cost the US probably well over a million dollars to settle, house, train, educate these 6 people. At least that much maybe much more. Unless you personally can give a million dollars you are extending a welcome hand that is costing other Americans a huge amount of money and a commitment of decades of support. Are you willing to offer that?

Maybe in 20 years one of her kids will start a company and generate 500 jobs and huge wealth that pays back all this investment but this is a huge risk and investment now while the country has increased its national debt $10 trillion in the last 8 years and reduced our net worth. We are going bankrupt. We can’t afford to take on everyone.

America has always been a welcoming country with huge heart but this is when unemployment was low, when the economy is growing fast we hardly notice things like this. We have been growing incredibly slowly for the last 8 years. The slowest recovery from a recession practically in US history. If we grow slow we CANT absorb lots of immigrants who don’t already provide jobs or working skills that potentially could grow our economy.

In the past like when my grandparents came the US didn’t have Obamacare or all the social services we have today. People had to make it from day one or practically starve. There were no multi-million dollar costs to let them live here. If the social costs are low then we can let in lots of immigrants. However, we have become more socialized. For better or worse that drastically raises the cost of allowing in arbitrary people. We need to be selective.

I know people will call me selfish but I am not. You are the one selfish because you are welcoming in a person when you have to know it is costing your fellow hard working and barely surviving Americans themselves millions of dollar we don’t have because we are accumulating debt at an astronomical rate. We just can’t afford to be as carefree as we were when we had higher growth and lower social insurance costs.

Our educational system is crumbling. We have dropped 10 places in international rankings in education under Obama. Our debt has doubled. We have been growing at less than the growth of people in our country.

We have added multi-million dollar entitlement programs to our standard costs. We can’t afford to take in all these random people no matter how good you feel about it, it is SUICIDE for your fellow Americans. In fact the suicide rate among men in the US has climbed and 2016 BOTH Men and Women’s life expectantly has dropped for the first time in many decades. So, whatever benefit Obamacare is providing it is not really helping because people are dying earlier and earlier, especially men. Men’s drug use has surged as unemployment, loss of jobs, temporary work, declining wages has crushed people in this country.

You need to focus on the pain in this country first. When we get all these things moving in the right direction again we can consider immigration increases.

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