Trump actually cut funding to fight white supremacist organizing.
“Let’s look at the 9–0 ruling.
Eve Moran

You do realize this is actually a bill to spend 400,000 to promote white supremacy?

I’m not joking. Liberals for the last 2 years before Donald trump was even going for president have been stoking racial division and when he came on they claimed every other sentence he is trying to stoke white supremacy while they talk about white supremacy as a huge thing 24x7.

Most of us didn’t even know there was any KKK around anymore. We did not know who Richard Spencer was until you guys brought him up. Ive never met or heard of a white supremacist ever alive today except for maybe David Duke but I hadn’t heard his name in so long I literally thought he must be dead. The only way anyone knows any of these people is your filter bubbles keep building these people up as if they have any followers.

It would be worthwhile to understand who these people are and what they think. The left doesn’t actually want to do that so they went to Charlottesville bats in hand and all we know if they claim there were 150 white supremacists there but nobody interviewed these people. It is Blatantly clear you have not established any basis for saying there is any organized white supremacist movement nor has anybody else on the left.

1) all you provided was a list of random incidents in the last 5 years none of which show any connection to richard Spencer or anyone or any organization. These are all random individual incidents. They don’t even share the common allah Akhbar heard at Islamic terrorist incidents. We dont know the affiliation of any of these 5 incidents to any republican or to Donald trump or anything else. I suspect when we looked into each of these 5 cases we’d find they end up being Bernie or Stein supporters not Trump or Republicans.

2) there is no evidence of any money or organization promoting white supremacy. So far as we know these organizations consist of a single individual with 50 bucks in his wallet. Compare this with the millions and millions of funding for Antifa and BLM and the training they get. These are professionals. Take a look at the videos. They are well organized terrorists. They know how to suppress the media. They are well trained to operate. It’s obvious. An instruction manual has been found from training camps in the us. There is a lot of evidence these people are paid to show up and create violence.

3) the white supremacists on the other hand never are counted or show up or are interviewed. Beside Charlottesville where else have demonstrations occurred and have you any idea what those people believe? No. Just allegations. Do you have any evidence that “Patriot Prayer” or “people against marxism” has anyone who has any views that blacks are less than whites or should be discriminated against or killed? 40,000 people protesting free speech show up in boston. Or hundreds in Berkeley. Every time nobody says what the “white supremacists said because they weren’t white supremacists obviously. It was entirely made up like so much of liberal propaganda meant as virtue signaling bull.

4) we’ve seen this before eve. You should watch a movie called red pill. It is available from Hulu and other places. A liberal feminist does research on the men’s movement. In it we see the standard liberal Alinsky attack method. Accusations made all the time. People yelled down. We see the methods of the left and how they are pure evil. They never listen. They are always attacking perceived evil where none exists.

This is killing america. It has to end. The Alinsky method must be stopped. The accusations without any evidence have to stop. There is no white supremacist movement and if anyone is spinning them up it is you and the 400,000 would undoubtedly go to funding white supremacists so liberals would have something to scream about. I dont trust any such bill. I suspect trump knows as well if you give 400,000 to these liberals what they will do is find a way to fund white supremacy and to make it into something they can virtue signal about.

We don’t need any more of you to promote division in America and to promote white supremacy which you have been doing.

You are the only ones saying it is huge when it isn’t. You are giving them fodder because you want them to exist. It’s virtue signaling crap.

Eve, you are not better than anyone else. You are not less racist than anyone else. You are not a justice warrior. You are just an insecure woman who wants to believe you are fighting for a bigger cause.

Look at Texas and Harvey. Americans of all stripes working together without respect to any color or ethnicity. People saving people. People taking massive risks and going out and helping others. This is a america. Not some wacko white supremacist loner in Alabama or some idiot with a hitler mustache. These people are not a threat. What is a threat is the justice warriors running around wacking and screaming at everyone trying to spin up hate and division.

I know how you must feel Eve. You and all your justice warriors are mad that Texas made it look like Americans love each other. You want division. Your whole life revolves around the idea that some people are trying to hurt some others based on race or something and you want to feel like the good person fighting injustice but this is NOT the injustice we need to worry about now.

The injustice now is the threats as follows:

1) that the middle class is being systematically decimated

2) that the US is being attacked from anarchists bent on reducing the world to one giant world order run by elites

3) people bent on reducing the US to a pauper state similar to Venezuela and every other third world country. so america has nothing and america can be subject to threats from every podunk power in the world

4) To reduce us culture to nothing, eliminate our constitutoon and any reason to have pride in our country and its accomplishments. Reduce education and every American value by bringing in people who exercise politics like the third world does.

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