I don’t want to be intellectually lazy here, but does it really matter what you call them if the…
Reginald Nash

You guys want it to be about race. Dont you see that? This is how you think. Everyhing is about race because you are focused on that.

There is a better explanation of the result of the election. Some people predicted this election correctly and dozens of other elections in the past correctly on one basis.

The economy.

Everytime the economy grows slowly the incumbent party loses. The deciding point is soemwhere around 2.5% growth because that is roughly the replacement rate for new immigrants and net new job seekers. If the economy grows above this level conditions improve systematically for the people and if less then the conditions systematically get worse.

This method predicted George bush sr loss, jimmy carters loss and Hillary Clinton’s loss among many more.

Let me explain democracy. When the situation isn’t good people pick the other party. It’s logical, it’s right. Some people wont change parry no matter what. It all comes down to the small swing vote and their perception of how things are going.

It didn’t go well under Obama. No matter how much democrats tried to portray that things were fine millions of people knew they didn’t have a job, knew that their last job paid more, that this new job is temp or part time. Millions fell out of the labor force that couldn’t find jobs for 8 years. They were no longer even counted.

In the meantime obama grew the economy slowly. The slowest recovery from a recession in 100 years. There were also race riots, rising terrorism, rising homicide rates, 76% of people said things were going the wrong direction including 92% of republicans and > 50% of democrats.

This is the simplest and the actual reason. You can sit here and try to blame it on race but that’s because you want to see it that way. If obama had produced a faster growing economic performance and the jobs were booming Nobody would give a shot about anything youre talking about.

You sit there demonizing white people and trying to see everything as some conspiracy to hurt you or some other ethnic minority because you want to see it that way. America is the least Racist most open integrated country in the world. Going on and on about how racist we are is just pointless. Asians make 20% more than whites in America. Black immigrants are the highest paid immigrants. America doesn’t care if you are black. Stop trying to take some random assholes yelling out a pejorative for actual opportunity. These people have no power. There is no white conspiracy.

As you point out everyone ( including you and democrats) are racist to some extent. There is no racist party except the democrats who seem to want to elevate race as a primary issue every election. Trump does not generate jobs for whites. He is working to get jobs for ALL Americans. He isn’t trying to harm Latinos. He’s trying to stop illegal immigration which is not a viable way to operate a country and maintain any semblance of control over the wages and benefits of america. It doesn’t make any difference if illegal immigrants were from Latin America, Syria or Africa or England for that matter. Illegal immigration has to stop. We have to control our borders. A majority of American born Hispanics voted for trump. They got it.

There is so much you got wrong and still have wrong in this election because it is you who have the filter bubble blinders on.

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