You have to see this video.

It is possible to be woken up from the filter bubble.

If standing up for free speech is wrong then I don’t want to be right. I will stand up for what I believe in.
I will tell you this. I used to be one of these people. Not Antifa but I was hardcore Anti-Trump. If I was still the old me I would beat up all these people. That’s what I used to do. I would drive around looking for Trump supporters. You got a Trump sticker on your car I will stop at the light. If you talk shit back to me I will beat you up. That’s what I used to be.
All the time I would listen to the media and they said Trump is a racist. They would cut out most of the speech that Trump just to make people think Trump is racist. I believed that. I really believed that. I was filled with hate.

What’s amazing is he implies here that Antifa is WORSE than what he described he would do. He wasn’t like Antifa but he would beat up Trump supporters. This is evidence of what we have seen over and over during the election. Liberals were incented to violence by the filter bubble media and liberals. This guy is literally proving that liberal media is criminal. Literally criminal because they clearly incited this man to violence. CNN should be sued for a billion dollars for inciting violence.

Then he was asked: What made you switch sides?

I came across an ad for a Trump rally in Vancouver Washington. I live close to there. I will go there and check it out. Maybe beat up some Trump supporters. It was just the opposite. I heard this guy here. What he was saying was the peace and unity. It hit me in the dome.
I had an urge and desire to go out and seek the truth. (He is breaking up emotionally here.) I hit him up and he hooked me up with some people here in Berkeley. 15th of April that’s when I saw the truth. First time I saw a proud Trump supporter. Harim. I knew right there and then. They are not racist. Nobody came up to me, “Hey, get out of here, you are brown.” I was accepted here. They welcome me with open hands. (He breaks up again) It changed my heart.
It hurts me that standing up for what you believe in will get you crucified. So when did our country get to this? We will not back down.

This man demonstrates the filter bubble programming. He showed how people are deceived. How they are spun up to hatred and Trump derangement syndrome.

Many people will sit there in front of CNN or MSNBC getting spun up on fantasies for hours every day. It is literally dangerous. Incredibly dangerous. It’s so obvious. This has been what has happened to America. A media that is working against the American people to spin up hate and deceive them. It’s incredible.

No wonder people say things like “Trump is Hitler. He has a plan to exterminate people.” This is what they are being told. This is what they are being made to feel with the constant hate being promoted 24 hours a day on the DNC propaganda media. These media need to be destroyed. Everybody on those networks needs to be fired and they need to be rebuilt or new media created. We cannot have media who actually promote the death of America, of our president, who oppose everything about America.

These media work with Antifa and BLM to hide the truth about what they did and are doing. Antifa and BLM leaders have admitted that their goal is the destruction of everything American. They want to crush us. I don’t say this lightly. They said this. That’s what they are doing. How can you doubt it? Look at the actions? Look at the rhetoric. It’s deranged. It’s all lies.

People are being told to believe there are millions of white supremacists running around trying to kill black people. That Donald Trump himself is planning to exterminate blacks. How can that be interpreted as anything but utterly an attempt to assassinate the president and destroy not only the middle class but everything about America. They despise this country. Everything we’ve done. They want to destroy America. It’s obvious.

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