Wow. I didn’t realize I was talking to a top 1% bigshot.
Brian Amberg

You make points.

We have a process to accept people in this country. The idea of illegal immigrants I continue to assert is immoral and simply another form of slavery. It makes no sense and cannot be beneficial for this country.

We are a country like all other countries. We happen to be a republic but all countries of the world have borders and citizens. People who arrive illegally are illegal. You can’t run a country or have a country where anybody can be a citizen just by showing up.

Our system is a good system. The proof is probably yourself and every other legal immigrant who are our most outstanding citizens in many cases. People pay money and work years to become citizens legally. As a result they commit few crimes among other things.

What I don’t countenance is accusations. You make accusations against me, against the US, against Trump. So, I make accusations against you. You like accusations. Feels good doesn’t it? Accuse. I will accuse. Democrats are all about accusation. Everybody is a fucking racist right? A white supremacist? It’s all because of the brown skin? You’re a fucking moron. Your identity politics bullshit is divisive and lies. Stop it. Stop it.

I don’t suggest the Republican Party is perfect or the US is perfect but I do assert that we have a right to control our border and we need to do this to restore the middle class wealth destroyed during the Obama administration. That is the middle class wealth of brown, Asian, brown-Asian, black, black-white, Indian, southeast Asian, and the thousands of other permutations of people otherwise known as Americans. Trump is helping ALL Americans. He isn’t divisive you are because you can’t let go of your own hatred.

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