It’s about what you do with your money.

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I believe anyone can be rich.

Yes, that means you. You don’t have to be a world class entrepreneur, like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, to be rich — no. You just have to make a decision to be rich by doing what the rich do.

That means practicing simple habits that help you accumulate wealth and grow it.

Is it easy? No. It’s not. Otherwise everyone would be doing it.

But, anyone can do it. It just takes managing your money better.

You see, you don’t get rich just by making more money, getting raises, snagging bigger bonuses. …

It helped me build a successful business.

Source: Me (in Ireland on my first project)

Always trying to be right makes you more wrong.

I know — it sounds weird. But that doesn’t make it false. Let me explain.

We live in a world where people love to be right. Don’t we?

I know I do. I love it when I wield all of the facts and can shut down my opponent as I bask in the glory of my rightness. It’s terrible, but it’s true…ask my wife.

Being Biased

That can especially be true as we become more and more of an expert. Expertise can become the well-worn grooves of thinking that keep us from seeing…

Stop thinking about your money.

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The key to getting rich isn’t about money, really. It’s about how you think about money.

And the problem isn’t that you don’t think enough about it, but that you think too much about money.

This is especially true for those who want to grow their money in the stock market. Making money in the stock market isn’t easy, and if you focus on your money there, you’re almost guaranteed to lose your money.

Yet, in the long run, the market goes up. …

Forcing a few sentences isn’t going to solve anything.

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It was one of the best emails I ever got.

I unlocked my screen, and there it was.

Medium deemed me worthy of the title, “top writer.”

It felt like the clouds parted, beaming a heavenly light down on me, as doves encircled me with angels singing in harmonized voices, chanting, “You are a top writer on Medium!”

I was ridiculous. Then my dream became a nightmare.

Over the next several weeks, I worked hard to keep up my topness. But most of my new posts did something unexpectedly. They flopped.

And I started to feel something I never had…

Because transforming your life shouldn’t be that hard.

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Imagine yourself reaching that goal you’ve always dreamed about.

And you didn’t do it by straining yourself to death, making sweeping changes to your life, forcing yourself to climb what felt like Mount Everest every day to succeed. No.

Instead, what if the process was easy, almost natural? What if you transformed not through sheer willpower but through a better mindset?

You can—through tiny goals.

They will revolutionize the way you think about reaching a goal. This is a counterintuitive approach to transforming your life that actually works.

Let me explain.

You have ultimate goals like getting fit or starting…

We used to live next to the Whitney Museum.

From our windows you could see long lines of people, snaking around the modern white building, waiting to absorb contemporary art, as the sun set, spraying its varied colored glow over the city with sea breeze air wafting in and around the west side streets.

Now it’s empty. The Whitney. The streets. The city. All of it.

Before we moved from NYC almost a month ago the virus case count was still relatively low, under five hundred. Now it’s mushroomed to over two hundred thousand, and the future is shrouded.


Inspiration for those who are tempted to give up on love.

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After one of the worst breakups in my life, when I felt like my life was over, I heard some advice that set me on a new path and ended up changing everything for me.

What was that advice?

“Stay in the game.”

Sure, it’s a little cheesy. But dating is hard. And when you get the crap kicked out of you, mushy words are exactly what you need.

“Stay in the game” helps you fight on when you want to give up, hope when you’re steeped in distress, move forward even if you have a terrible past.

It says…

Every brand needs to practice discomfort and awareness

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The University of Wisconsin created a video meant to welcome all of their students, but there was only one problem with it.

It had no people of color.

Of course, the school took it down. They tried to fix it by putting out a new one with people from various backgrounds, but the effect was the same. Minorities heard the unintended message loud and clear: “The school doesn’t want us.”

Most brands know they have a responsibility to be good global citizens, to care for their audience, the world. They know they should be inclusive. …

Our baby right after birth

It was a beautiful morning in the city, with spring in the air and magic around every corner.

But for me, New York didn’t blossom in my eyes; it was different for us. I was taking our nine-month-old baby in for surgery.

He had a cleft palate (and lip, but that was already repaired). A cleft lip and palate is a birth defect where the child’s face doesn’t fully close up on the upper jaw and lip and nose while in the womb. For birth defects, it is the best kind to have because it’s repairable.

So that seemed manageable…

Move your relationship forward with two simple words.

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“Move toward” is one of the most powerful phrases you can use in a relationship.

Because, you know, relationships are complex; and often we make them more complicated than they need to be.

We second-guess ourselves, spending hours, days, weeks, wondering what’s the best thing to do in this or that situation until we completely forget to do anything at all, hurting the relationship we intended to heal or grow.

Our insecurities, past hurts, a bad day, indigestion can make our dealings with people feel like we’re trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube — impossible.

But “Move toward” cuts through…

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