I’m learning to code at 56. Here’s an epic beat-down of my critical inner self.
VM Vaughn

Congrats, VM, and well said! A friend sent me this. We’re both 40-somethings who have had successful careers (mine including 9 years at American Express) and came to Hack Reactor for a challenge. It’s been amazing (I wrote about it here) — life changing for me, and that’s even before I’ve gotten a job. I built the core of this app in 30 hours and I’ve gained fantastic experience adding to it since then: Readage — find your good words. It’s amazing to get an idea, make it a reality — and then get feedback from users (including feature requests)!

If you want to drastically speed up your learning and also get experience pair programming and working on team projects with amazing people and you’re considering a bootcamp I highly recommend HR.

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