The idea that unless you’re living a “holy life” church is supposed to unsafe and exclusive is…

Hi Fitzgerald,

How does the Bible read to you with respect to how people are affected by being in the presence of God? Take Isaiah’s reaction recorded in Isaiah 6 as an example, or Simon Peter’s response after the miracle of the great catch of fish in Luke 5. As you have rightfully said, church is a place of worship, and worship is best when it ushers people into God’s presence. When we have sin in our lives, that is not always the most comfortable place to be – even if we have been born again.

Church is also a place where the Word of God is supposed to be preached. Anytime pastors take their calling seriously and do so, the Word will naturally convict of sin. The Bible refers to this as a good thing.

If a church is not a place where you can go and not be uncomfortable on account of your sins, then that church is spiritually dead. God’s presence is absent and the Word of God is not being preached. That is not the kind of church I’d want to have anything to do with. Would you?

It has nothing to do with being judgmental or condemning people. The Holy Spirit takes care of that.

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