What do colored eggs have to do with the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ?
Sammy Ortiz

Hi Sammy,

There are two fairly successful churches near where I live. The head pastor of one of them does not like to use Scripture when first talking to the unsaved. His plan is that we should invite them in to church and sort of sneak up on them with the gospel later. The other church doesn’t like to quote from Scripture at all because it might make unsaved people uncomfortable in the church.

Neither of these pastors are bad men. Both have grown up in the church and they both have hearts to reach people to see them saved. Sadly as misguided as their methods are, I believe they reflect on mainstream thought in the church these days.

Now with respect to the colored eggs, my understanding is that these come from the pre-Christian pagan festivals that Christianity supplanted with Easter (including taking the name for the holiday).

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