With AI, Chatbots, Blockchain, and Open API’s (to name just a few) there is a MASSIVE opportunity for us to serve our communities and spread the Gospel further than ever.
Enough with the me too mentality

In what way do these technologies represent opportunities for the church? Do you even understand what these technologies are?

How would you want the church to use AI? If someone is in need of help to the point that they reach out to the church, is a Chatbot really the right way to show them the love of God and that we are there for them? What of the Blockchain? How is a distributed transaction ledger helpful to reaching people with the gospel? Collecting the tithe in Bitcoin would perhaps bring a small convenience benefit. With respect to open APIs, other than maybe making an app to Bible verses via an API, what data do we have that would be of enough interest to warrant an API?

You made a good point about mass media adoption and its potential, though.

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