I was at church. I had to leave.
Nathan Peterson

Jesus defined ‘eternal life’ as knowing God the Father and Jesus Christ the Son (John 17:1–3). Nowhere does the Bible say that eternal life only starts after we get to heaven. In that sense, heaven is supposed to be a continuation of our life with God here on earth.

Have you never read James 4:8: Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. If you aren’t feeling God’s presence close to you, then it is only because you aren’t drawing near to God.

Practically speaking, drawing near to God is pretty simple. Go off into a room all on your own with just your Bible and bow your head in prayer. After you have prayed aloud (or silently) all that is in your heart, then just wait on the Lord. It will be better if you don’t have a tight schedule when you do this, as these things sometimes takes a lot of time.