What about them?
Rachel Hawkins

So then was the Apostle Paul wrong for putting the immoral man out of the church as recorded in 1 Corinthians 5? What of Jesus’ instructions found in Matthew 18:15–18. You would call obedience to these words of Christ to be hateful and unloving.

The Church is supposed to be holy, as it represents God on the earth. What I think you may be missing here is that someone who is walking in sin is in danger of Hell even if they think they’re saved. If the church just says nothing to this person about that sin and leave them in their state, they may go on to ruin their life or even go on to the second death. (Jesus was quite clear that not everyone who supposes they are saved actually are.) Whereas if someone had cared enough about that person to tell them the truth, they may have turned around their situation and lived.

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