What Job Got Right and His Friends Got Wrong — Are We Misreading a Key Verse?
Joshua Mark Nickel

This is an incorrect interpretation of Job. The majority translation is correct: Job spoke right about God whereas his three friends did not. The argument they all put forward was that God punishes the wicked for their bad behavior and rewards good. Therefore, the only possible explanation for Job’s tragedy was some sin or another. Job maintained His innocence and also said that this wasn’t how God operated.

As God told Satan, Job was blameless and Satan incited God to harm him (Job) without cause. The assertion that Job must be guilty and under judgment by the three friends was in contradiction to the truth and quite wrong.

This is one of those cases where the plain surface reading of the text yields the most insight, especially where we pay attention to the words God speaks directly and don’t let ourselves get sidetracked overly much by what else is recorded in the Scripture.

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