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This quote of Jesus should have made you stop and think about how you have excluded yourself from any real understanding of the Scriptures by rejecting Christianity. It’s not that you can’t return to the faith you abandoned, but it is simply that while you choose to continue rejecting Jesus Christ you’ll see and hear of the Bible with no understanding.

One thing you may not have realized about Christianity is that requires us to deny ourselves and follow Jesus. At times, that means that we have to defy our own reason and sensibilities and instead accept what God says in the Bible as more true and real than what our mind and experience tell us. Take for example the hypocrisy in the church. While it is easy to see it and get offended and reject all of the religion on account of it, hypocrisy in the church does not invalidate the truth claims about God and Jesus in the Bible.

I can see that there’s a lot that is simply messed up in the church, but I also see Jesus in it. And it is on account of Him, that I want to stay in spite of all the ugliness and problems in the religion. When you read the Bible, you see in the Old Testament how God’s people are horrible and wicked and they do terrible things. But because God is with them, you also see the surpassing greatness of God in spite of their failings. As a church, we’re not much different today even though we can be so much more on account of the Holy Spirit, which the Israelites did not have.

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