Jon Davidson

Why don’t you start with Andrew Wommack’s teaching series on financial stewardship:

You can download the 6-part message to learn from for free.

Your heart is in the right place with respect to wanting to serve God more. However, unless you know God has called you specifically to sell everything you have and give it to the poor, then you would not be honoring God by doing so. Instead you would be acting on an emotional impulse that originated with you (the man) instead of being obedient to the Holy Spirit.

Don’t think in terms of stepping out in faith by getting rid of your financial support. Instead, you should be thinking about pursuing goals for the Lord that are so big you don’t have the financial means to carry them out. It will have the same net effect of forcing you to live by faith, but the end result will be that you will be a participant in helping lots of people instead of just living by faith so that you personally can survive.

If you ask God for a vision and a mission to pursue, God will be happy to oblige you. For the most part we who are the Church aren’t doing a good job of stepping out in faith to let God do big things He desires to do.

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