Women’s wear and fashion is seldom connected with tactical or utilitarian clothing. Innumerable magazine spreads and online articles might simply write off any practicality when it comes to dissecting trending clothes, and outfits women should use.

It is essential to note that when promoting cutting-edge clothing choices towards women, most editorial pieces and runway-fashion crafters often blatantly ignore that a hefty chunk of their audiences cannot realistically engage in dramatic, flared dresses, or skyscraper-high heels. For the working women, or the women tending to homes and families, pragmatism can always emerge triumphant over unnecessarily-embellished outfits and ensembles.

It is on that very note that the focus should be diverted towards the topic of tactical pants, and the best ones women can choose to practically employ. Tactical pants are closely associated with cargo pants, and are commonly donned by individuals working professions that require on-field activity. Such professions typically include paramedics and EMT specialists; SWAT Team agents; military officials; or fire-fighting workers.

With the female labor-force on a steady rise, the female population at work might find itself needing to rely on practicable, durable, cost-effective, and utilitarian Women’s Tactical Pants for everyday use.

Under Armour Women’s Tactical Pants

Under Armour Women's Tactical Pants

This number is available in a range of somber, pragmatic colors. The imported article is manufactured using only polyester to ensure a comfortable, breathable, and flexible fit. Cutting-edge rip-stop fabric enables the clothing to withstand a variety of tough natural and unnatural physical treatments, prolonging the life and durability of these tactical pants.

In additional, these very same cargo pants are carefully manufactured employing trademarked technology which prevents both odor build-up, and prevents sweat and moisture from getting trapped in the fabric. Available in sizes 2 through 14, this sturdy, relaxed tactical pant tops the list.

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Dickies Women’s Cargo Pants

Dickies Women's Cargo Pants

A non-traditional approach towards conventionally loose-fitting cargo pants, this item is a skin-embracing lightweight product, manufactured using flexible, breathable polyester and Elastane.

Available in a practical black, these pants retain their color despite which positions the wearer chooses to engage in. With typical skin-fitting materials, women might shy away from physically-ambitious activities to prevent the fabric from becoming see-through.

Carrying the very same signature technology to prevent sweat-and-odor-build-up as the previous item, this lightweight product allows the wearer maximum movement without causing discomfort or chafing. The four-way stretch construction does not restrict mobility, and allows the fabric to durably retain its original shape and fit. Available in sizes 0 through 18.

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5.11 Tactical Women’s Stryke Pants

5.11 Women's Taclite Pro Pants

This camouflage number is a unisex item of clothing, and is a product that pays homage to the original size, fit, and style of tactical pants. The rip-stop technology prolongs the life and toughness of the material, allowing women to engage in the most physically-exertive and trying missions.

Perhaps the best feature of this product is how excellent it is in terms of storage, as it carries a number of helpful pockets and storage units. Functional, traditional, and durable.

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TRU-SPEC Women’s Tactical Pants

TRU-SPEC Women’s Tactical Pants

This item is a must-have for women in law enforcement and the military; the multiple storage units are coupled with a long-lasting, tough, and durable fabric. Double-reinforced kneepads maximize comfort and longevity of these tactical cargo pants, which also carry a concealed slider to store firearms. The deep, varied amount of pocket-space and low-rise fit makes this product an ideal for women in action.

Tough, durable, water-and-stain-resistant, and carrying near-infinite amounts of storage (with varied sizes to accommodate different items) — these Women’s Tactical Pants are available in a range of colors.

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