Best Letgo Clone Scripts & Apps - Build a Website like Carousell, OfferUp, Wallapop

Setup your own Letgo like app clone to make a popular buy and sell classifieds marketplace instantly.

Like AirBnb for online space rental, Facebook for social media, LetGo is rapidly growing up the ladder to the top spot to dethrone Craigslist. This app has disrupted the often overlooked community buying and selling marketplace, a domain which has been overlooked by venture capitalists and entrepreneurs but not anymore.

With the level of funding LetGo has received recently and its recent tie ups with Wallapop to take on Craigslist, this domain has earned its much needed hype.

This has resulted in many budding business brains to build a buy sell marketplace app. As usual, these players are hindered with hurdles like less time to market and less investment capital.

So, if you are one among them and wondering how to build a letgo like buy sell marketplace website, here are the players who can help you out. These are the best Letgo clone scripts and apps whom you can rely on for a quick build.

Best Clone Scripts and App for Letgo, Carousell, OfferUp, Wallapop

1. Apptha Letgo Clone - Build a Clone App Like Letgo

Create letgo like marketplace website in few minutes

For those looking out for best letgo clone scripts, Apptha Sell Buy is the place where you start, Apptha’s Buy Sell is a ready-to-go mobile marketplace app building solution to build a native, buy sell business app. This pre-built letgo clone script has features that cater to the needs of buyers, sellers and business owners.

Apptha Buy Sell - Letgo clone app smoothens communication between buyers and sellers by providing internal mailing systems. Moreover, automated mail notifications inform sellers, product owners and admin about instances like new product listing, offer acceptance etc.,

Highlights of Apptha Buy Sell

- 100% customizable

- Native — iOS and Android

- On cloud — Free one year cloud hosting

- User location tracking

- Social sign up and sign in

2. Joysale Script - A Popular Carousell Clone App

Carousell Clone App

JoySale Script is Carousell app clone which has separate set of UI designed to please buyers, sellers and users. Social logins for easy registration and sign up, in built live chat for instant communication, category management for admin to classify product easily are some of the features provided by joysale script.


- Smart search for product location

- Product swapping provision

- Analytics that tells about user and buyer behavior

- Support for multiple currencies and languages

- Offer management

3. Prominere - Best Wallapop Clone Script & App

Carousell clone script

Prominere is yet another readymade solution. This would be the choice for those looking for Wallapop clone script, Carousell clone script and Letgo app clone. The Wallapop script lest admin to track listing posted by users. Product and offer comparison helps customers to choose between products easily.


- Quick product upload from camera

- Backend interface for product listing

- Internal chat for sellers and buyers

- Offer comparison

- Email notifications

4. Appscript - Develop a OfferUp like Website & App

The home page of Appscript says, it is a OfferUp clone script. Appscript is a completely integrated and pre built software which can help in erecting a fully functional buying and selling business online. Using this Letgo clone script, Appscript users can easily negotiates with product owners and close deals easily.


- User and post management

- Super Admin panel

- Built in analytics

- Push notifications

- Reported users

5. Hitasoft - A Powerful Carousell Clone Script

Make a buy and sell marketplace website like Carousell, OfferUp, Wallapop

Hitasoft offers its best Letgo clone script in the name Joysale. Hitasoft Letgo clone app is available in iOS and Android version. This app is the best fit for customer to customer serving models. The app mediates payments using PayPal, one of the most trusted online payment gateways.


- My Offers Zone for customers

- Product location system

- Product exchange between users

- Promo for listings — Coupons

- PayPal credit card integration

These are by far the best LetGo clone scripts available in the market. These readymade software can help you build your buying and selling business in quick time. They also offer the customization convenience which helps in personalizing the app the way you want.