Real estate tips to start the new year right with John Adams on GDA

Four real estate tips to start the new year with real estate expert John Adams. See Adam’s tips below:

1. First things first: STAY SAFE

Last week, we talked about SMOKE ALARMS, but it’s so important to remember: SMOKE ALARMS SAVE LIVES! The simple alarm can give you and your family the extra two minutes you need to escape a burning building.


If you own your home, you’ve already got an insurance policy, but when was the last time you talked to your agent about your coverage? Right now is a great time to call. And if you are a renter, there’s a good chance you have no renters insurance at all. That’s now a smart move. Pick up the phone and call your insurance agent today. And take pictures — lots of pictures — to prove what you own. Then email them to yourself!

3. Follow the MONEY: Buy or REFINANCE NOW

Interest rate are headed up over the next several years. That means if you are renting, now is a great time to look at buying. And if you already own, now is a great time to look at refinancing. Some folks want to be debt-free. Smart folks borrow when rates are low and lock in that rate for 30 years.

4. Take an AXE to the TAX

If you a property owner, January is the right month to file your STATE OF GEORGIA property tax return with the tax assessor in your county. Don’t wait for your NOTICE OF VALUATION in May or June. Learn the rules and save some money on your property tax!

5. Take CREDIT for your CREDIT

Go to or and start monitoring your credit report at least quarterly. It’s free, and you don’t even have to give them a credit card. You’ll probably find errors that are costing you money, so go ahead and do this now. You’ve earned it!


Whether you rent or own, much of your financial success is based the little things you do throughout the year. These five steps will get you started in the right direction as we enter the NEW YEAR!