How To Get More Web Design Clients

Positioning yourself is gonna be the most important way to get clients as a web designer, I’ll explain how a little below. These tips all have worked for me and every month I generate thousands in revenue so Im giving out that info on what I do, which is a recurring question. What you’re not doing is pitching to everyone you meet, and youre not gonna blindly blog all the time, forget all that. More and more people are depending online to market their companies and the most efficient way we developers & designers know they may pull that off is through a website. It’s not all the time customers realise the value of a website so our job here to explain that significance clearly to them, thats how we create value. I have compiled a list of some clear cut ways on how web design clients are generated. Many times they're friends, inbound leads or referrals, but lets get started on discovering them all.

I have a supposedly better version of this in my Youtube video -How To Get More Web or Graphic Design Clients

What you’re not doing is pitching to everyone you meet,

Be Social

Notice I never said network, I hate that word. Networking is more of a blatant attempt to know people so you may sell something but it’s advantageous and people smell bs from a mile away. Instead of setting out to network, foster relationships with the people you meet and instead of limiting yourself to your typical groups, walk into a graphic design shop and strike up a chat with an owner (we’re always in the studio). Your circle will consist of people who know what you do, and appreciate you as a person. Instead of running to the Yellow Pages or google to find a service from some random Joe, you’d be the one they will call based on the trust they have in you over time. Please dont rush this, and don’t get to know someone because you want to sell, know people on a personal level and dont be afraid to purchase their services either, its a two way street (dont fall victim to many who may abuse you for this though, because everyone isn't gonna be kind) and know when to keep your distance.

Your circle will consist of people who know what you do, and appreciate you as a person.

Eat, Breathe, Sleep your career.

You cant treat it like a hobby and expect people to take you seriously. This is gonna be treated as a full time career for you. Your clients want to know web design is your specialty. People love specialists. What you won’t do is position yourself as a part time guy who knacks together wordpress pages because your credibility goes through the window and goodbye to scaling your career!

Use Instagram

How? Instagram is an awesome way to position yourself as a web or even graphic designer thanks to their hastags and very open feeling. Don’t think you can have mediocre work and expect this step to flourish because youve made a sad mistake buddy, instagram is competitive but only at the low level where everyone has cut and paste work. What you need to do is know its all about positioning yourself and tailoring your audience. You’re gonna utilize the collaborative atmosphere of instagram for clients. What youre not doing is setting out to gain regular buyers from instagram but you will partner with existing people in your field. eg web designer and copywriter, graphic designer and photographer, etc. Partner with those in your field to gain jobs and share them among each other, thats the little secret. When you approach these people to hop on board with you, they would remmeber how beautiful your work is, and not think twice about sharing skills and clients.


I feel like true days of getting SEO results are over, I could be wrong, but when was the last time a new company toppled a big blog from the #1 spot in less than 5 years? It’s impossible to benefit from SEO in the time period you need it in the way you think youd want it. In fact, theres just snother way to benefit from blogging. Blogs are for mapping key words and sharing your portfolio, thats the most part. People rarely go on a web design studios site just to read what the day was like (unless theyre an aspiring employee), but potential clients go to your website for the work youve done and the prices you charge. Your blog is to get your website in order for the minor search engines whod pick you up and your blog supplements other content you may have elsewhere as a designer. They’re necessary but not crucial.

Take the time to get a notebook and sketch all the time, create new ideas, purchase advertising and meet people, let people know what you do in every conversation you have, and just be committed. I promise you it’s worked for me and it will all work our for you too. Web design is easy if you love it and generating clients is easy if you clear your mind and try!
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