What climate skeptics taught me about global warming
Seth Miller

Climate prognostications: the skin of others in your game

When I saw the phrase ‘skin of others in your game,’ it immediately struck me as describing the situation of climate scientists/activists. Whereby they make dramatic prognostications of dire consequences, and advocate for emissions reductions with their attendant economic costs and detrimental effects of developing countries.

The scientists themselves have absolutely no skin in the game, other than the perversions associated with being professionally rewarded for making alarming predictions and claiming that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a science ‘denier.’

Who among the climate activists would redirect their research funding and travel funding to efforts to reduce emissions? Who among the climate scientists/activists are making a serious effort to reduce their carbon footprint, e.g. air travel? [see Walking the climate talk]. They have no skin at all in the game. This becomes truly perverse when they insist on the skin of others in their game.” — Judith Curry https://judithcurry.com

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