At the ending part of 2015, my visit to farmers farm got me excited and at the same time sadden my heart. Why the two statement at the same time from me?.
Justifying the first excitement, the small holder farmers visited were proud of their agricultural exploit in term of activities along the chain. Though more can still be done if government extend arm’s of favour and assistant to them.
Explaining the sadden part of my visitation lies in the fact that this potential farmers, about 20 of them visited on different farm land are aged ( minimum of 40years ). Also, their children find it difficult to help on the farm after little exposure to merriment of the cities, while government totally neglect them after so much promises to improve the living and farming standard of the farmers.
What comes to my mind now is: what did 2016 holds for we/our farmers, are youths willing to join d train of agriculture, are research institutes ready to penetrate the grass root farmers. Farmers will surely smiles in 2016 and record will be set this year as youths will joyfully rush into agriculture.

John Agboola

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