Lamborghini is A Sellout

Lamborghini is rumored to be developing a 4-door SUV named the Urus. The Urus is expected to completely outsell Lamborghini’s two top selling super cars, the Aventador and the Huracan, according to Peter Valdes-Dapena from CNN Money in his article “Lamborghini Is Ready to Settle down and Have Kids”. Many had seen this coming as the company, Lamborghini, needed something new in their lineup of cars to boost sales. Concepts of other SUV’s by Lamborghini had been seen before in concept shows but those concepts never saw the manufacturing line and never came to be. A concept car is a car made to showcase new styling and technology, and are often showcased at motor shows to gauge customers reactions, according to the Merriam-Webster definition of concept cars. But this isn’t a concept anymore, the car will be coming out sometime in the next year (2018). The specked-out SUV will be rumored to pack a 650-horsepower twin-turbo V-8, a four door Lamborghini supercar to say the least. The Urus has caused a stir on the idea that, is it good for super car manufacturers to go out of their comfort zones and create a SUV simply to boost their sells and to also mass manufacture a vehicle which could hurt the value of the company, how its perceived, and its exclusivity to the world.

Super cars are definitely not for everyone as their MSRP starts in the hundreds of thousand, if they are recent produced cars. This is where exclusivity comes in, since they have to make enough cars to meet demands but also keep their exclusivities of their brand they set a number of every year of how many cars they will produce. Lamborghini for example pumped out 3457 Aventadors and Huracans last year (2016) according to Duncan Brady in 2017 from Car and Driver from his article “2019 Lamborghini Urus SUV Horsepower Revealed by CEO” . With Lamborghini set to manufacture 3500 units of the Urus by 2019, this will begin to double the manufactures output. Some believe the crave of the consumers for exclusivity of the car will hurt the company as they will be producing many Urus SUV’s when they release. The price of the SUV will also hurt the company as it is likely to be priced under $200,000, it cheapest model starting at exactly $200,000 and some models starting up to 1 million dollars, according to Lamborghinis website as of September 17th , and these cars are new coming straight from the production line. Lamborghini will be the first super car company besides Porsche to actually test the market with an actual super-car SUV. Once the company starts to sell them, others will eventually follow as it is a great opportunity to boost its sales no matter if it hurts the companies’ exclusiveness, the SUV’s will continue to sale.

Lamborghini’s production factories are all in Italy, they were all designed to manufacture small amounts of vehicles per day, they only produced 3457 varieties of Aventador’s and Huracan’s which is what they could handle with its employees and space within the factories. The factories do not have the ability to mass produce a car like the Urus because of its goal to produce 3500 units by the year 2019 a year after it releases in fall of 2018. Lamborghini acknowledging its production limits will increase its staff hiring as many as 300 new employees and also expanding its production space to add more assembly lines to produce the Urus. The company will also be getting tax incentives from the Italian government to make this happen to get their people to work, states Clifford Atiyeh from Car and Driver in his article Lamborghini Urus Hinging on Italian Tax Incentives, New Factory”.

Some view this attempt by Lamborghini to release a SUV as a sellout. A sellout, to boost their sales, to boost their vehicles even if it means to lose some exclusiveness, to go from making super cars to making family cars, a four door SUV to be specific. What matters to collectors when looking to buy a super car is the rareness of the car and exclusivity of the brand they all have ties to what a consumer of these types of vehicles want. Even if Lamborghini loses some exclusivity it still wins and the end because it will be making hundreds of millions of dollars with these cars. The Lamborghini will lose nothing and they know that, more of their cars will be on the road but to any other super car manufactures they will be a sellout, but soon to follow as well.

With Lamborghini creating a SUV, some believe that it will make it available for mostly anyone with a family to almost go 200mph in the Urus. That’s not a bad thing, everyone should be able to enjoy that power and luxury, and with Lamborghini supposedly setting its price point at under $200,000 it will be a something highly available for those who have that kind of money to spend on a fast family car for. Many will buy the car without a doubt at the end its an Italian car made in Italy, and come on who wouldn’t love to own a Lamborghini that could entirely fit your entire family in and still go astoundingly fast it a win for everyone the rich and the owners of Lamborghini that’s why when the concept of the Urus came to the drawing board they couldn’t say no. But according to Jack Baruth from in his article “Hype and Hypertrophy: How Lamborghini lost its man card”, in his article he makes it clear to show that “Lamborghini lost their man card” by making a family car.

Truth be told the car is going to release at this point no matter what, and the car will make Lamborghini look like a sellout. They simply couldn’t stick to selling supercars they had to make even more money, where there is money to be made. As a super car fanatic, this will tarnish the companies name and its exclusiveness, and will put other supercar fans eyes into McLaren and Ferrari and other known super car manufacturers. This will happen because real car collectors look for exclusive vehicles not SUV’s, almost if not every car manufacture that mass produces vehicles have SUV’s in their line up why did Lamborghini, a super car maker have to make an SUV as well. The company couldn’t stick to its roots of keeping speed and exclusivity in their drawing boards. After Lamborghini more will follow, more will make SUV’s and even pickup trucks just to make more money and boost their sales to make other men richer but what happens to exclusivity then?

Even if it becomes available to everyone because of its MSRP, what’s special about it if there’s millions of others SUV’s on the road? The only difference will be the manufacturer and the twin turbo engine, which again you wouldn’t be able to enjoy because of the weight of the SUV and the speed limits of a street. You shouldn’t need a family car that reaches 200mph if your family will be in the car most of the times. Its ridiculous to think about a car being on the road with kids or older family members that could easily out run a cop, it could instantly cause an accident just because of temptation. It will not look like super car even if the car maker only makes supercars that’s not what it will be, it will be a fast SUV no matter what Lamborghini tries to sell you. People won’t look at it as a Lamborghini just another SUV like every other SUV they see on a daily basis but when they see a Lamborghini Aventador everyone will obviously know who made that car and what kind of power it makes. At the end, it wouldn’t be worth it to spend that pretty penny on a SUV might as well by a super car.

After researching for days facts about the Urus the only benefit I see from the car is the amount of money you will be making for Lamborghini by boosting its sale by doubling what they make in a year because of its mass production of 3500 units in a little over a year in a half as rumored by Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali in article from Digital Trends. In my opinion, the company is a sellout for creating a SUV that will be mass produced and double its output of cars to make more money and leaving its old ideals of exclusivity out to dry.

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