Hi John,
Craig Menzies

I’ve used IAWriter, and its pretty good for some things, but it lacks the organizational structure of Ulysses. I need to collect sheets into groups because I use a different sheet for every scene. I need to collect them into chapters, etc.

IWriter is very poor at that (although they have promised a update to fix it… someday), but right now, its useless for organization of a large project like a novel. But then, Ulysses was once weak in this area as well, but it improved a long time ago.

Perhaps IAWriter will catch up someday, but for now, its not a solution. I’ve only found two tools that I like (Scrivener and Ulysses) and for reasons of transparent syncing to a number of devices, Ulysses shines for me.

So now I’m paying $2.50 a month. It’s well worth it at the moment, despite my initial complaining. But when IAWriter catches up in organizational power, I’ll toss them both in the air again and see which one sticks to the wall. My loyalty to apps goes only as far as finding the one that best supports my preferred workstyle. Right now, that’s Ulysses.

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