A recipe is for following — or is it?

How many times have you tried to follow a fabulous sounding or amazing looking recipe and then found that you haven’t got one of the ingredients?

I’ve lost count. But, it’s never put me off trying to create the dish. After all, if you haven’t tried the dish before, you don’t know exactly how it’s supposed to taste, so whatever you create is the right formula!

OK, there are exceptions. You can’t make the bread recipe if you don’t have any flour!

Over the years, I’ve created new dishes from modified recipes and they have been amazing successes. The new recipes are now mine, but I never stop making small changes all the time. My wife has some psychological explanation for this, but my excuse is that I just love seeing what difference it makes by just tweaking one or two ingredients.

Sometimes it’s dramatic!

It’s become an obsession; I now find myself modifying any ‘cooking instructions’ on anything I buy! I’d love to say they are always a success, but I confess that there are one or two (or ten) that stand out as outstanding failures.

But, that’s how we all learn best — from our mistakes. So, if we have more successes than failures, we are on a winning streak!

I never cease to be amazed how many times I have followed cooking instructions to the letter and had a failure. Yet, with my own modifications I have produced even better than expected results.

Maybe anyone following my recipes will have the same failures? After all, there are many factors involved in successful cooking other than the ingredients. Sometimes it’s the cookware or the oven efficiency or the physical method of mixing ingredients.

The main point of this brief article is to show that life is far more exciting when you tweak the everyday life recipes and try something different.

I’ve applied the principle to my own life and it’s been life-changing.

So, whether you want a more satisfying life or just a better texture bread, the solution is the same…

Tweak the recipe

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