University of Waterloo Systems Design Engineering 2017 Class Profile
Joey Loi

Terrific summary, and the full report is amazing too! Well done folks. Did you know you were quoted in today’s Report on Business in the Globe & Mail? Unfortunately without attribution. …page B2, article about Sebastian leaving Google Canada for Pelmorex Corp. I had to google the quote but quickly found your report.

60% leaving for the US… what a brain drain for this country. Even given US job offers coming earlier, and assuming best case the remaining about 50% of the class gets jobs in Canada, that’s about 25% of our best and brightest grads from this year going south. …and no one is talking much about it! In any other country, if 25% of the best students were leaving there would be government inquiries. Hopefully many will eventually return to Canada.

I’m glad to see the Sys Des program is so well respected. We called it “Sys Des”, not SYDE “back in the day”, not that it matters.

That so many students sought help for anxiety and depression is a concern. It must be a much more stressful environment than I remember, or maybe my memory selectively remembers the fun and not the stress. I’m glad so many of you made it to graduation successfully.

Regards, John Anderson, P.Eng (Systems Design 1976… yeah, I’m an old guy!)