A Product Review: S530 Bluetooth Earphone

A simple review for the product I bought from Lazada.com.

The S530 Earphones. It looks lonely because it doesn’t come in a pair.

So here we are, The S530, a fairly cheap, lightweight, bluetooth earphone. I’ve been using this for about 2 months now and here are my opinions. Having a price tag of 200php off Lazada.com, I can clearly say that it is very affordable for such a device. But is it any good with such a low price?

The answer is yes it’s good, not perfect nor great, just “Good”.

First off is that it came with an instruction and a USB wire for charging in a very old looking crumpled box (I already threw it away) but fortunately the product was in a “Good” condition.

The instruction that was in the box was for the product, but made little to no sense at all, so I had to research it myself because it REALLY gave me a hard time setting it up. Actually at first I really thought it was broken because my phone can’t scan its Bluetooth signal but soon enough I figured it out. It took me around 3 hours just to make it work but I don’t know, maybe for some it would differ.

Also the sound, I mean you would know if an earphone is any good just by listening to it. I was happy it was working and I can say it sounds okay; it having a bass is good enough for me.

Its charging time is around an hour, also it lights up and changes color from red to blue and eventually the light turns off to indicate that it’s fully charged, but this happens randomly because sometimes it just doesn’t or maybe I’m just that impatient. The battery life is around an hour as well, depending on how you use it.

For a conclusion, it is my first time having a Bluetooth earphone. I really like how light and compact the product is, and also I appreciate it being wireless.

Although I was disappointed at first because I thought it would come in a pair (my fault for not reading carefully) but it turns out to be a single earpiece kind of device used mostly for communication than for casual things like listening to music, which explains its sound quality.

And after 2 months, I just usually use it only on my morning runs, and getting my regular wired earphones to take care of the job for listening to music and internet surfing.

Lastly, a wireless capability, a decent battery life and good sound quality. I guess it’s somewhat worth the money.


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